Is it time for Belgium?

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48 games played, 16 left to play. Germany is out. They looked really tired, lazy and just bad. Argentina should have met the same fate but somehow managed to get trough the group phase. But will their world cup saga come to an end tomorrow against France? France has also not impressed. But they have a player called Kante with fifteen lungs. Sweden is Sweden. They play as a team and can meet England in the quarterfinals. Never, ever write Sweden off.

Speaking about England, they look pretty good. Kane does what he does best -hat-tricks. Spain hasn't impressed either but now they will play a really bad team in Russia. Yes they can run, but they can't play football. And yes i know. They won 5-0 against Saudi. They got a feeling and took the wave and surfed past Egypt but then they woked up against Uruguay. I think Russia is mabey the worst team in the last 16.

Croatia has impressed me the most so far. That team is really good, and that midfield is the best in this World Cup. I think Luka Modric' has been outstanding. Interesting to see how good they really are. Can they even reach the Finals?

Brazil. The team that everyone believes in and loves to watch started off with a draw against a solid Swiss team, managed to win Costa Rica without impressing and then they played their best game (so far) against Serbia where they took a 2-0 win. Will they go all the way? I'm not so sure. I think Belgium will leave Neymar crying in the grass in the quarter finals.

My favourite for the championship is Belgium. They really haven't been tested yet, two easy games against Panama and Tunisia and then a game against England that really says nothing. BUT, somehow I just got the feeling they can go all the way. Now is the time for their golden generation to really show how good they are. As a Chelsea fan i just love watching the magicianEden Hazard play. When he has his day he's unstoppable. Hopefully he has one of those days at July 15th.

And belive me, I'm a really bad punter. I haven't even mentioned Colombia, Japan, Denmark, Team Ronaldo (Portugal) or Mexico so for sure you will find the winner in one of those teams!:)

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