The winner of the golden boots is fine

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The winner of the golden boots is fine


Not many, only four goals to score. You can take the challenge to do the Kylian Emboss. Or the tanners are grinding. In the final of the World Cup history, hat-trick has been played only once. That too in 1966. Geoff Hurst scored twice in extra time in the 2-match match for 90 minutes. England lost three of their goals to West Germany.

One thing is certain if Harper does not go on top. This year the Golden Boot Harry Koinie will win. The English striker scored six goals. The nearest to him was the Romelu Lakaku. But today Cain could not make the distance, but could not reduce the distance. Belgium defeated England by 2-0 in the qualifying match but did not find the top two goal scorers in the tournament.

Now Keane's closest rival, Embeppe and Grizman. Two rounds of two goals Both of these guys or both of them scored three goals, but winning the gold boot keinera by minimizing the number of minutes.

Cain will win the Golden Boot after the 1986 World Cup. Gary Lyncker was the highest scorer in the event of Maradona's spread of light. Three of the six goals from Keane are from penalty. And 5 goals scored in the group stage.

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