Does Chelsea Have A Chance Against Liverpool In the UEFA Super Cup?

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Chelsea are fresh from being hammered at old Trafford by Manchester United in the first week of the English Premier League outing, and the performance didn't reflect the results at the end of the match on the scoreboard. It seems Frank Lampard is in for a baptism of Fire after having series of injured players and having to start the season with some of the most difficult fixtures and on Wednesday he goes again against Liverpool are currently one of the most scariest team in the EPL and they'll be meeting in the biggest stage after the simultaneously conquered Europe beating Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur respectively. For a new manager going against a team that has played for more than three years together the odds are definitely slim and it seems almost lost for the blues legend turned manager who has come under heavy criticism especially for fielding inexperienced players against a huge team such as Manchester United. One cannot overemphasize the need to make a statement against Liverpool on Wednesday night, in fact the blues hasn't started a season as disastrous as this in a long time, although the beginning of Chelsea's season has hardly reflected the end of their season.

On Wednesday they'll likely go against the biggest rival they may face in many weeks to come, and here is why I think Chelsea might loose this one. Liverpool definitely hit for last week announcing the fact that they are still a current threat and in contention for the EPL title, their team is a team that didn't even change a bit in relativity to have their transfer window turned out, but obviously Chelsea have been the most tinkered team, losing essential players in different positions without replacing any. Currently with a disorientated team it's difficult to see that place where the spark of brilliance will come out for Chelsea, when you look at Tammy Abraham and look at the inexperience of Mason Mount and their indecisiveness, Against Mo Salah and Co. Looking at the shaky nature of Kurt Zouma. I definitely do not think Antoni Rudiger with the back on time for this and this leaves a shaky defence again some of the deadliest forward in the EPL. And I tell you Liverpool are more hungrier for this and that is why I think they will have the upper hand in winning this one.

If this match would have been scheduled for let's say the 10th week it would have given the Chelsea team enough time to gel and play together. I do believe the Chelsea team will come good however in a quest to achieve this they might not even qualify for the Champions League. But standing a chance against a Liverpool in this week he's definitely not going to happen as a result of all the stated reasons. Of course they wouldn't consider as much as they did concede against Manchester United it might even end on a 2 goals to one which will definitely show improvement against their previous outing. The truth is Chelsea and their fans would have to have patience after they have been dealt unfairly with unfair schedule and their ban in the transfer market. But this one wouldn't come in the bag for them. They might even recover to do great things in the EPL season but not on Wednesday against Liverpool in the UEFA Super Cup

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