How To Pick The Super Bowl Winner - FREE App You Can Use Now!

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Hey guys it's me, @internetguy. You probably know me from the scripts I write for the Steem Poker League here on

Today I want to tell you about another script I wrote that you can use to cash in on the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the most bet on game in American Sports with a ton of money up for grabs to the person who knows how to beat the Vegas Oddsmakers.

In the last 7 Super Bowls, I have successfully predicted the winner in 6 of them and I have become the bookie's worst nightmare. What I'm about to share with you, is how I did it, and how you can too. Before I do that, here are the actual stats of the last 7 Super Bowls courtesy of Vegas Insider.

One of my amazing predictions included 2017's prediction of New England winning the Super Bowl. At the end of the first half, the Patriots were down 21 to 3. I thought it was over, only to come back at the end of the game to see a tie and the Patriots winning in overtime. Guess I didn't need to worry after all.

In 2015 (see above), the professional oddsmakers in Vegas couldn't call the game. It was listed as "Pick 'em'. Either one could win. My inside knowledge picked New England in this one too. Sure enough, New England won by a slim 4 points.

Many of my picks were underdogs and all the picks beat the points making this a very profitable handicapping system. How did I pick 6 out of 7?

Oddsmakers and most bettors are focused on the stats and forget that the game is about players. When the stock market is crashing, even the best stocks go down. When a football player is not feeling well, maybe is sick, or had a fight with the wife or kids, their mind can be preoccupied and could cost them on game day. The stats won't tell you this.

We've seen this occur so much in boxing where one boxer is fat and rich and the up and comer is hungry. Both are great fighters. But sometimes the heart, the passion, the determination, all factor into this and give one athlete the edge. Managers and trainers talk about it all the time.

Chance Discovery Leads To Handicapping Success

Some time ago, I discovered an app (Luckalyzer) that uses real medical science to analyze this sort of data. I'm not going to go all into how it works in this post, you can read more about the research here if you like.

I started using the app to handicap the Super Bowl and started having amazing success. So I contacted the people behind Luckalyzer and they licensed their luck analyzing api to me so that I could write my own Super Bowl Handicapping App for everyone to use.

Here is how it works. I don't have time to analyze every player on each team so I stick with the two most important players, the coach and the quarterback. I then Google each of the 4 people being analyzed and write down their birthdates.

I input the data and "VIOLA", it gives me the winner.

I know this is a bit strange way to handicap the biggest sports betting event in America, but it works. If you are in doubt, you can look up every single Super Bowl, find the quarterback and coach for each team, look up their birthdays, put into my script and see for yourself if this works or not.

>> Internetguy's Super Bowl Handicapper <<
I hope you enjoy the app and may it make you a fortune.

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this is how i won my fantasy league! i didn't have the luckalyzer, but i'd look at their more personal lives... who's birthday, someone died/got married/had a baby... :) great info, thanks!

@bethalea lol.. you know the secret


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