DFA - New Footballs and Training Shorts For The Team Members

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We are ecstatic to share with you some new gear after some months of revealing jerseys and gear for ƊFA team.


We acquired new footballs and training shorts for every footballer in the team. We felt this was the highest priority per what the wise say that "practice makes perfect". Most of the team members don't have personal football's to practice at home or outside training grounds, and this is showing lapses in their football mastery, drills, and ball-walk being taught to them. We believe getting each team member a football will ameliorate their games substantially.



Our Medium post enumerates what we've achieved since the inception of this academy, DFA.

Thanks to @oracle-d of @agfacademy for the heads-up, providing video training drills, and for the support on our drills. We say a very big thank you from the bottom of our hearts to @kpine for the uttermost support on our posts.


If you've been following our blogs, you might have noticed that we've mentioned several times that the pitch we trained has some serious issues (it’s sad that the football field has been devastated and sold to build housing on) which puts every team training on the pitch to a halt. Since the issues started, it has been hellish for us, but we aspire to continue our dreams no matter what happens! We trained on the street at the same time seeking an alternative field.

After severe work-around, we managed to find a small area we will be using, not too big but far better than nothing. The place was bushy and very poor looking, we had to pick up cutting tools to cut the bushes and grass, and pick off the stones and broken bottles on it. Photographs and videos are attached in the post.

It's been quite a rollercoaster ride with the team, we understand this, that's what life is all about. "When the body suffers, the soul flourishes" and "Life is full of ups and downs ↓↑↓↑, only death is linear -----."

Pre-Clearing Field Photographs



Clearing Field Photographs



Pre-Clearing + Clearing Field Video

Post-Clearing Field Photographs



Post-Clearing Field Video


We are extremely grateful for the support we’ve received on the Steem blockchain and its tribes; SportsTalkSocial - A sports tribe on Steem by @patrickulrich and Nobel - A charity tribe on Steem by @achimmertens.

We commence our eminent gratitude for the gift of Steem in the cryptosphere because if not for Steem this wouldn't have been possible! Thanks to everyone who has been voting and commenting on our posts, you're all appreciated for keeping us motivated.




About DFA

If you are stumbling upon DFACADEMY (Decentralized Football Academy) for the first time, please read our Introduction & Medium posts.

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Hi dfacademy,
You have got a 100% upvote because of showing us, that you do good things.

Thank you very much for the support ♥

Wow! Dfacademy is doing a great job. You guys are going places. Believe me, the sky is just a starting point. I'm glad this amazing revolution is happening on the Nigerian soil. Very soon, Dfacademy will hit the global news. Kudos

Thank you for your awesome words, you're appreciated!

Great social job!! If we have more organizations occupped to do efforts for educations or sports the youth will have another opportunities.

Absolutely ♥

Wow, @dfacademy, you guys are portraying the highest level of perseverance and commitment to your goals. A few minutes back, I was watching a youtube video where the team was post-clearing the new field and I was impressed. Gladly, I have stumbled upon one of your blogs to leave this comment.

The adage "Hard work Pays" will surely yield fruits for you guys.

Much love,

Thank you for the time you took to watch the videos and read this post. Yeah, "Hard work Pays" like you said. We appreciate your nice words ⚽

I can't just believe this is truly happening here in Nigeria. @dfacademy is just an archetypal example of trust, love, confidence, loyal and opportunity. Keep up guys, the sky is your starting point. You'll soon make it to stardom, yes I believe!

Thank you for your kind words!

Hello @dfacademy , you are doing a great job even though things are neither clear nor clean in the world of football now, and many people are aware of this fact. Without football, their lives are worth nothing. How sad it is that you have lost your training place, there is no point in making predictions because it is not worth predicting because there is nothing written in the stone, and things change all the time in football. It's nice that you found a new stadium, it's a small stadium, but today there's a chance no one knows if it will come again in the future.

We appreciate you comment support!

This will inspire the young talented one's to be hungry to become a professional tomorrow i love this...

Indeed, thanks for reading and commenting ♥

football is wonderful game.

Sure, it is!

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Nice post!

Follow me @mlmtraffic
Thank you so much 😍

Great job, I like the way you are doing all this, awesome!

Thank you for your support and appreciating our work 🙏

I love football.

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