Spurs Just Appointed One of the Most Successful Managers in the History of Football.

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Wow what a lot 24 hours in football does. The photo above shows Mourinho taking training this afternoon with Spurs. Levy had it planned all along. Poch had lost the dressing room and had got too big for his boots outing the chairman at every opportunity. It ended with a row between chairman and manager about how much compensation the latter would get. Which makes me think Arsenal may make a move on the former Spurs boss in the next couple of days if Ed Woodward doesn't first.
I personally think Jose is a good appointment. He will win things. He won a European cup with a make shift United team. He won all around him at Inter and Porto. Two underdogs. The last few years have been bleak but Spurs has to work for him. It is last chance saloon and he needs to prove a few people wrong. I cannot wait to play Manchester United with the master tactician at work. I always liked him.

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The premiership is boring without him and now he is at the club. Some people are the opposite end of spectrum saying it is a match made in hell with him and Levy but surely Levy told Jose how much he will release for new players. Mourinho is a massive global name. He has pull and influence and it is a circus when he comes to town. He will upset people but I have that feeling that he will win us trophies. Let us face it. Poch hasn't been playing exciting football since we hammered city 2 years ago. Mourinho is known for the parking of the bus. But who remembers Robben and Duffer flying up the wins and Drogba putting the, away in an unbelievable Chelsea team. How exciting were they? If Mourinho can get a result at West Ham and then steer us to the knock out stages of the champions league next week then you cannot blame him having an eager eye on the champions league trophy. That would put the naysayers to bed. I like Mourinho. I always have and I am one of the few Spurs supporters that is glad he has come to the club. He spoke to senior players today and his main aim is to get the team playing together with Kane at the helm. Kane is his type of striker too so the set up with suit him. I would be worried for Troy Parrott as he is not known to blood in the young guys but maybe the special one has taken stock at his time at Chelsea United and Madrid and realised what worked and what didn't. He looks energised. He cannot fail or this is his last major job. Many don't think it will be successful.


I was perplexed hearing the news and I knew that you were probably a Totenham fan so you'd write about it. Well if you ask me Daniel Levy obviously went big this time and in terms of success you're right there, let's hope he does big things with Totenham rather than bring his regular controversies. Congratulations buddy

Thanks mate.

You're welcome, cheers!

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This is amazing! Can't wait to see what this holds for the team. The epl is about to resume to so much talking and much more mind games.

Congrats to Mourinho

he always irritated me but you can't say he is not a good manager, and most probably he will do something here. He makes players work for him but in the end he just lose them. All of his clubs were in the same circle. He does ok, than buy what he needs, wins something and after that everything falls apart.
As for arsenal, everything would be better than what they play right now, but the board are cheap fuck**s so we will watch Unay till the end of the season... or at least till January.

A team lifespan is 5 years . A managers life span is probably less. Poch was third longest serving manager in Europe so if we get 3 good years out of jose then il be happy and he will win us trophies

maybe the special one has taken stock at his time at Chelsea United and Madrid and realised what worked and what didn't

I can't help but chuckle at this a bit because it sounds so familiar when Jose came to Manchester United. We were oh so desperate for something else other than the sleep inducing Van Gal football.

Winning the Europa League that first year was the highlight of his tenure. We honestly thought we were going to win the league and indeed we could have if it weren't for city doing a madness.

But if Mourinho does not get what he wants he will not just sit quietly and take it on the chin. God know the situation at Spurs is not set up to give him what he needs.
There is a volatile broth brewing at Spurs and I won't lie, I am three-quarters anticipating a cataclysmic implosion.

Also, how is Pochettino out of a job and Solskjaer is still stepping. :))

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Football is a crazy game and at times one cant accurately predicts the outcome or even see an scenario happening.

I also wrote a post on the issue u could check it out at your spare time

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