Massive Game On Wednesday Night For Spurs and Man United but particularly Mourinho

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I can imagine Mourinho right now in his little lair on his own with a little pencil and compass, a tactics board. He is up against the team that sacked him last year on Wednesday night. I think everyone knows Mourinho would absolutely love to beat Manchester United. He has won 3 games in 3 with Spurs but he has yet to face a rival that are as strong as Man United. But the good thing is that he knows all their weaknesses and he will do everything to exploit them and put his former club to the sword.Meanwhile on the Manchester side Ole is trying to put on a brave face and keep plugging away. I was surprised to see the the win percentages of all the managers at Man United since Ferguson. Mourinho is surprisingly high.
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Did Mourinho get harshly sacked. He won the European cup with a nothing team and his win percentage is just under Ferguson. Solskjaer is at 27.30%. How is that acceptable. This is relegation form for a manager that got relegated previously with Cardiff. Pochettino is waiting in the wings I would think.
So for this reason Wednesday night is huge. Not just the battle for 4th spot. We all know Chelsea will bottle and Arsenal are Arsenal. So this is a 6 pointer. If Spurs win they are 3 points off 4th spot. In two weeks Mourinho has rejuvenated Deli Ali, has the team playing and scoring again, qualified to the knockout stages of champions league and now fighting for top 4. To top it all off ,a win against United would really be the icing on the cake. I am really looking forward to Wednesday night. I may just head down and watch it in the local. Make sure a few United fans around. I am confident about this one if Jose can sort out our problem incurring late comebacks.


He wasn't really treated unfairly, I think he was sacked based on the negative football he played at United and for the dressing room ruckus with Pogba and co

That may be true, but his managerial skill is unmatched. He had proven that with spurs recently.

Of course he's a great manager, we can't ignore his flaws though

Going by that analogy, Ole shouldn't be at the job. His football has been atrocious, to say the least

It will be a batch between two managers. Till now in last couple of matches maurinho has done perfectly good and the spurs are in winning streak.

Hopefully they are going to win this one too

Mourinho is not somebody I like and I quite frankly wish both teams could find a way to lose against each other and come out with 0 points. With that said, I expect Mourinho to beat United and make a big scene in typical Mou fashion

Am sure if Mourinho win against Man united...Mr Noise Maker will surely create a big scene

lol I was just talking about this with a friend of mine. He will make such a big deal about it. I can't stand the guy

He was yer number one target woolwich !

Paper talk imo. Doubt the hierarchy want to further damage the damaged relationship between them and the fans

This match is certainly the acid test for José and given Spurs lower than expected returns from games against the other top 6 of late, this is a great chance for him to show why Levy appointed him.

Tactically I think you’ve got 2 teams who are better on the break than they are knocking the ball about so the first goal is going to be crucial. We’ve got to start better than we have in the last 2 matches and have the home fans put pressure on their team and manager

Cant wait for it ..then i found out its only on amazon prime

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I am alreasy calling a United win. We maybe garbage against lesser opposition bu we turn into prime Barcelona against the likes kof Spurs. Here is to hoping we get McTominay or Pogba back in time though. Pogba would want to play this even with a prosthetic if he could.

I hope you are wrong 😂😂

Sorry. Mourinho just took another L.

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