Daily Post #50 in a 50 Part Series leading up to April 1, 2017

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fOoLsPrOjEcT becomes fOoLsPrOjEcTs, and How to Judge a Project

Information overload. There are some very interesting, open-source, voluntaryist projects out there, that we would love to collaborate with, borrow from or even merge with, but first we need to understand them, which means studying their material, asking questions and replying to the answers. A lot of work. So we understand when people aren't doing that with our material, especially since we still haven't condensed it into a concise white paper or manifesto.

Another factor that stops us from adequately checking out these innovative new communities and blockchains, is that we can usually tell relatively quickly that they fail to meet a few standards we believe are essential to radical voluntaryist success:

  • Do they take themselves too seriously to become viral/popular?
  • Are their goals epic enough to attract the masses?
  • Do they have a plan for dealing with psychopaths and not being taken over by the ill-intentioned?
  • Do they have a plan for not being vulnerable to overly relying on their current leadership?
  • Are they experimental enough, with planned iterations, pauses and re-launches?
  • Have they solved the crypto/open/counter economy onboarding problem?

But even if these issues are all not dealt with, if these projects are truly open, it means we can count them as fOoLsPrOjEcTs, since we will be free to offer our solutions for these issues to these communities, and we can gamify versions of these technologies/communities to compete within our world. May the best fOoLsPrOjEcTs win!

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Congratulations on keeping your commitment. aMaZiNg. Can't wait to see what's next . . .

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