Daily Post #48 in a 50 Part Series Leading up to April 1, 2017

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Branding and Leadership

The point of this post is that the point of the entire series is NOT to get you to join the fOoLsParty or to sign up at shmeddit.com or the greaterfools.club. While we might someday monetize our Bitshares based User Issued Assets (SHMITS, GIGGLS, FREEBIES and SHMACKS), that is not the point either.

​We made the point earlier in the series that ridiculous branding is a defensive measure and that taking the establishment on directly will likely cause a "nip it in the bud" reaction, or at the very least, massive infiltration and sabotage. Here is that earlier article:


​But maybe you don't like our particular choices in ridiculous. That's fine. So far, this has been an exercise in how far an individual (primarily @brindleswan with some help and feedback from @mazi) can take a complex, interacting set of ideas, and prepare to make them simple and understandable to a wider community. That has still not been done yet, but when it happens, it will be a "level up" that we will not be able, or want to try to ignore or control. Everything here is open source. If enough smart and creative people are convinced that the basic plan has a decent enough chance to work to be worth putting in some resources to do experiments to test some hypotheses, then it will happen.

​Not all of these brand ideas have to be adopted by all potential members. Some might enjoy being known as Shmedditers, some like being in the fOoLsParty and some might think it cool to be RAPPsters. Maybe freeDUMB fighters is a non-threatening, ridiculous branding idea some would prefer (as long as the DUMB is some kickass acronym like Determined Unstoppable Major Badasses). Experiments of limited duration, where team building is encouraged and brand appeal is tested, is the ticket.

​Speaking of acronyms, the "fOoLs" in our brands is undefined/quantum/perhaps eventually crowd defined.

​Now about leadership. Again, the point of this series of posts is most certainly NOT to convince you that Brindle Swan has what it takes to lead us all to fOoLs Paradise. The level up that will occur when these ideas are finally simplified, summarized and spread, will hopefully bring together an impressive team, of which Brindle Swan will be only one, enthusiastic, creative but limited and experimental part.

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