A proper Japanese restaurant 日本餐厅探店 part I

Previously I mentioned that there was a proper Japanese restaurant near my flat and today I had the chance to try. I ordered half of the most popular dishes on the menu and had a really nice meal.


1 Japanese Rice Tea 日本玄米茶

WeChat Image_20180323155209.jpg

2 Miso Soup 味增汤

WeChat Image_20180323155207.jpg

3 Crunchy Kaiso (Crunchy fresh seaweed with sesame seeds) 凉拌海藻色拉

WeChat Image_20180323155204.jpg

4 Chicken Katsu (Deep fried chicken breast in breadcrumbs) 日式炸鸡排

WeChat Image_20180323155153.jpg

5 Buta Shoga Bento (Pan fried sliced pork and vegetables with ginger sauce) 猪肉寿喜锅定食

WeChat Image_20180323155201.jpg

6 Unagi Don (Grilled fresh eel with sweet glazed sauce on rice) 鳗鱼饭

WeChat Image_20180323155157.jpg

I leave the other half dishes on the menu for the next time. And yes, I eat most of the dishes myself...;)


Thank you for your reading 💖
Will really appreciate if you could follow and vote for me 😘


看起来不错啊 这食量确实有点猛啊

嗯日本菜总还是可以吃的 食量的问题。。一直很惊人😂

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Wow this looks so good! I'v ate at several Japanese restaurants before but I honestly have no idea how authentic they actually were. This stuff looks so good! Which was your favorite? Have you been to Japan before? It's on my list to go, but I don't know when I'll be able to.



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