Devil Eggs?

in #foodphotography2 years ago

Nahh...its Deviled Eggs.

First time heard of deviled egg was in @naltedtirt post.

@naltedtirt then taught me how to make deviled egg and challenge me to prepare it.

I took quite awhile though as i don't usually cook nor do i have the ingredients.

Finally bought the eggs today, so giving it a try with just salt and pepper.

Boiling the eggs:

Then cut it into half and scoop out the egg yolks and mix it with salt and pepper to taste. Sorry no photo as hands are busy and no camera man.😅

Scoop the egg yolk back into the egg and voila:

As it look too plain without mayonise, mustard and etc, i added some black sesame and peanuts to it.

Taste plain and light. 😋

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How did you like it?

Actually quite nice light taste and the salted peanut goes well cruncy taste

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What will you make next to try?

Teddy egg...hehe...😉

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What is Teddy egg? I have not heard of it.

a teddy looking egg...just posted 😄

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They are precious. I want one.

These look like wat u can do with all your various eggs that u received. Dressing the eggs up...😉

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I like the twist with the sesame and peanuts. The pictures look great too.

Have to make use of what i have😉

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You did well. I will have to try it your way.

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I have to try these..

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