Comfort Food

Food Styling-2.jpg

People attached great memories to food, gramma's apple pie, steaks on the bbq, the silky smoothness of Guinness.

One of my favourites, meat pie and a pint of the good stuff.

Thanks for reading.


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A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.

Wonderful pic my friend. I really love it.

Yummy! Looks delicious :)

A very short and sharp description, nonetheless the picture tells a thousand words

you are right

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thanks this is amazing

Great photos

Delicious food are looking spicy

ohh this is so good and beautfull wow

quality meal, quality healthy heart , body and soul

look so delicius : )

waw really a very good food, I really like and hungry to see it

That seems delicious!

great photo i love swetty

Hmmm... Guinness extra stout. Seems you're lover of dark beer.

I feel hungry all of a sudden😭

Nice photo, good colors.

Man, that looks so good. Nice shot.

Guiness and anything is good :p

Thanks for this mouth-watering post!
You haven't lived until you've had a pint of Guinness right from the tap in an old Dublin pub. I highly recommend it for your future travels!

(source: google images)

Thanks for making me drool

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Wow!! excellent photography of food. looks very delicious. I like it.


Who gets to eat the food after you've taken the photo? how many of the same dish do they provide to get the variety of shots?

Being facetious there? Since there was only one shot?

hahaha no i'm genuinely curious, if I was a food photographer I would probably give some behind the scenes info, theres got to be some interesting stories, like "it looked good but tasted terrible"

That bruuuuutal honesty ;)

Most people on this platform tend to veer away from put-downs and rather don't say anything at all, I think constructive crit is good though... but it can get a little deceptive with all the smug going round haha

I just want some real talk from people in different professions, it's interesting to me, doesn't need to be the dirt hahaha

The smooth taste of Guinness is great to have after a cold water dive! Love it!

it Looks delicious :) omg i want some

Meat pie and guinness are also my favorites!! It is really good food for me!! But there is no meat pie in Korea.. i just had them when I lived in Australia.. I really miss them so much!! Have a good day! Thank you so much for showing the foods!!

yummy food their.

Love when the photo is so good it makes you hungry... Nice job

Beautiful, french approved! :)

I've been in Ireland weeks ago. Unfortunately didn't get served this. Looks good, especially with the Guinness behind :)

Dark beer. Great!

This looks delicious and kinda makes me ravenous

awww so cute :D

Mouthwatering 😍

I thought this is a chocolate flow on the ice-cream 😋
Anyhow, with beer goes everything!
Not that Guinness is my favorite, but I'll never refuse to ˝try˝ it 😊
Love the photo!

Beautiful light and an undeniably good food combo- even to this veggo that looks yum! :)

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Delicious ! Both.

I wish I were sitting at that table! A perfect composition and amazing meal. That's comfort food in my book!

is definitely good to have comfort food and this one looks like it would suit me.

WOW! This really does make me homesick! Guinness too!

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