A culinary journey through Korea (Part 1)

in #foodphotography3 years ago (edited)

I spent two months working in Seoul, South Korea recently, which was a delightful experience in so many ways. Most obviously in indulging in the vast variety of culinary delights that Korean cuisine has to offer.

I spent around USD 10-15 per day eating out twice each day(!!!), so it was all very affordable. I felt the need to share this magnificent experience through some photos I took while there.

If you like it, I will post a continuation :)

Here are some impressions:


Dolsot Bibimbap (돌솥 비빔밥)

Bibimbap could be considered the "Korean Pizza", since you just put whatever you like in it. It's a staple of Korean cuisine, but the Dolsot variety is different because it's served in a hot stone bowl. The piping hot bowl continues to cook the rice underneath all the goodies to a delightful, crunchy, caramelised layer.


Dolsot Bibimbap (돌솥 비빔밥)

After letting the rice crust up a little, the mix-up is the way to enjoy this "meal you can eat every day".


Seolleongtang (설렁탕)

This bone marrow soup with noodles is all the nourishment you need. It's an instant cold-cure and tastes fragrant and full.


Mandu (만두)

Korean steamed dumplings. Impossible to make at home and filled with a vegetable mixture. Incredible and cheap.


Kongnamulbap (콩나물밥)

We had the mandu with an affordable and huge portion of soy bean sprouts on rice and kimchi. Felt so healthy that day :)


Kimchi Samgyeopsal (김치삼겹살볶음)

Finish off a hard day's work with some fried pork belly and let the fat run through layers of kimchi leaves. Of course, add beer.

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I love food and exploring food culture in many places. Stay tunes for more from Korea and also a lot from Japan!

Thanks! @remuslord


This is making my mouth water, especially the last photo.
Just had a very enjoyable lunch myself at an ethiopian restaurant! Nice spicy beef with sour bread that looks like a pancake. It's all about the nomnoms.

@shlomit ich dachte vielleicht interessiert dich das :)

Bibimbap & Kimchy nom nom nom ^_^
I am so grateful for having Ie Ga in Vienna! I really missed that food untill I found them :)
Were you only in Seoul or did you also travel the country?
I was mainly in Daegu, which I love dearly, but took also a few days in Seoul.
My good friend @bella-volen-art got to go to Korea much more than I did and explore many more places, she shares quite many of her Korea stories on her profile, you might enjoy them :)

I've been mostly to Seoul, but I was in Busan the first time I went there. Cool, I'll follow her :)!
What's le Ga??

Bella was also in Busan, but I haven't yet.
Ie Ga is a Korean restaurant in Vienna, in the 9th ditrict.

ok thx ill check it out!

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