Philippines: Dessert for your sweet little tooth!

Hello Steemit Friends,

You know what guys, I found this new opening food cart outside our condo. Surprisingly, there were few people in the area. Maybe because they just opened. And since it was there soft opening, and I was there the first customer, they give me an extra ice cream which is soooooooo daaaaammmnn goooood!!! I couldn't ask for more, I swear! You can tell exactly in the picture how mouth-watering this fancy dessert could be. The name is "Dessert Zone" which is not that bad for a dessert name, except for an obvious one, lol, but what do I know about business thing, All I know is to eat their delicious masterpiece ice cream which I cam definitely going back over and over again every afternoon, 1 PM and 30 secs.







What do you guys think of this crazy little snack I have here? Have you started drooling already? LOL I just ate it but at the time writing this blog, I am still drooling from the inside, it's like I want to go down from the 20th floor and grab some. If you have time, It will be my pleasure if you can re-steem this post and hit upvote. Don't forget to follow me, folks, @leninquiblat


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