Washoku: The Traditional Japanese Multi-Course Dinner “KAISEKI”

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Onsen Ryokans are a popular destination for relaxation in Japan that provide a variety of hot springs; from natural, to commercialized. Not only do they provide amenities for relaxation, a list of appetizing courses are also served in these establishments known as “kaiseki”.

Kaiseki (会席料理) is a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner. The kanji 会席料理 meaning “cuisine for a get-together" is a banquet meal where the main beverage is sake (Japanese rice wine). Skills and techniques are performed by chefs in a high degree of brilliance for the preparation of such meals including their taste, texture, color, and overall presentation.

If you are familiar with western haute cuisine, both of them share a common trait. Here’s a collection of kaiseki photos from a variety of Onsen Ryokan I’ve stayed last year:

Some of the many courses included in the kaiseki from two different onsens in Ikaho, Shibukawa City






And below are one of the courses served in Tsukioka Onsen



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Great! Please look forward for more interesting photos that I will be posting soon, which are mainly about Japanese food.

The food looks very good, fresh, the dishes are served with special delicacy. Thanks for sharing!


You’re welcome! Thanks, too for your comment! The food is as delicious as they look. I hope you could come to Japan and try them for yourself.


A visit to Japan at the moment can only be in dreams! I think it would be an incredibly cool journey. All ahead))


You never know, you might be able to come here sooner than you think 😉 Stay positive and keep steeming!

Wow it's a great blog Ms. @firipinjin
Now i have learned from your blog some traditional Japanese food,
Thank you for sharing this, keep it up and see you around 😁


It’s a pleasure to share with you and my dear readers the beauty and creativity of Japan. Please look forward to more blogs that I will be creating soon about Japan and its culture.

the meal and table setting look like it was prepared for hours 😅
everything looks delicious.


Lol indeed they do! 😅 but they’re probably a piece of cake for skilled chefs here. Everything not only looks delicious, but they ARE truly delicious! I hope you could come to Japan someday and try them out.

wow! these are really gorgeous photos! :) the food is super mouth-watering! ugghhh... steem on Emma! :)


Thanks Honey! These food taste as good as they look in the photos. I hope you can come to Japan and try all of them! I will be your tour guide here lol keep steeming!


I attempted to go to Japan last year Emma but my visa got denied. T_T but I'm gonna try again this year. OMG! I already have a tour guide! :D Thank youuuuuuuu <3


Cheer up! I’m sure it’s gonna get approved this time. Can’t wait to tour you around here!

Oh man lovingly prepared by hand and served yummy!


And not only that, they also serve them with a smile and a very polite attitude. This has been famously known as “omotenashi” which means hospitality.

Upvoting @firipinjin as I love Japanese food. May I know the location also


Sure! Sorry, I forgot to indicate the specific location. The first few photos that belong to Shibukawa Onsen are located in Gunma and the ones below which are from Tsukioka Onsen are located in Niigata. Thanks for upvoting! Will be posting more Japanese food in the future so please look forward to it!

Waaaa looks oishi!!!


It doesn’t only look oishi, it tastes oishi, too!

these are really good photos.. great job.. keep steeming