Food Photography for Happy Monday

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This is my participate For Happy Monday with theme Food Photography

Picture was taken when I and Friends meet up for sharing day.
In our land, Aceh - Indonesia.
The Food named is mie aceh the meant is Acehness Noodle.


The Picture taken originally by @bewe
And use camera phone Samsung J7 Pro
And soft editing by galery edit samsung

Thanks U so much for @juliank and friends for support photography !

Best regard for u all steemian


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Looking yummy,if you like it follow and upvote my post i will do same for you.

Kolesterol, Bang, kolesterol hahahahahah..... yummi kaliii

Ihan belum pernah makan Lobster bareng kami kan ?
Jom lah sekali sekali 🤤🤤

Yok Makan bareng hai
Bukan kiriiiimmmm

Biariiiinn.. Pkknya kiriiim

menggoda iman menggoda seleraaa...

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@bewe nyan gathuek atau Lobster mirah begitu!

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