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Our two weapons of choice:

Whey Protein

It’s the fastest absorbing protein. Get Whey Isolate or something low-no carb, low-no fiber.
Fast Acting Carbohydrates

Yeah the “bad carbs”. We need these to refuel the muscles empty tanks. The carbs are immediately directed to aid in depleted muscle glycogen.

Let’s talk protein. The reason we need fast absorbing protein PWO is because our muscles are torn down, trying to rebuild and desperate for anything.

Depending on the amount of protein you had the day before, protein will still be in your system being absorbed and distributed. But the body can only use this protein so fast. It “trickles” into the blood.

Now let’s talk about setting up our PWO shake to get our 100% bang for the buck out of the gym.

We set this up by fasting half the day, meaning we don’t eat and drink lots of water. The reason is when in a fasted state, the body absorbs more nutrition's faster. Ahem… protein!

Compound this with the fact that when the muscles have been shredded apart in the gym, the body can absorb a lot more protein faster then normal.

We’re absorbing protein 2–3 times faster after working out in a fasted state!

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