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I visited a farm next to a nuclear power plant, it was a nice quiet place. They sold green eggs from chickens, and eggs from exotic birds I've never heard of before called quails. The farmer described quails to me as a nearly invisible — highly intelligent — invasive ground bird that has the concentrated flavour of a damp forest floor.

They're highly sought-after and nearly impossible to trap. After talking about quails the farmer looked spooked and became quiet, so I dropped the subject.

These eggs are actually from Wyevale, Ontario! Hydro Electric Power. I asked for all green eggs but the farmer said the green eggs are too rare to supply everyone like that. I asked him how many green eggs he was keeping for himself; he got quiet again.

It's a fun and scenic drive here; you can get eggs, honey, produce, almost anything a man would need to make bread. Some people put signs up claiming they sell eggs, but they just want people to come to their door to talk to them. They always want to show me their bees and I just say no just the eggs thanks goodbye.

Many old barns decorate the scenery, kinda like castles in Europe. Obviously, barns are more impressive.

These barns are keenly watched during Tornados.

Okra, jalapeno, green onion, swiss, feta, and my favourite cold pressed olive oil. I love pink salt < 3

I preheated the pan on low gas before putting her in the oven. The oven was set to 325 so I could walk away and be forgetful without overly severe consequences.

I have a black pepper addiction, and people just laugh when I admit to my vice. There currently does not exist any known program to help people with a black pepper addiction. I'm left to fend for myself, and I'm trying the harder white pepper as soon as my guy can get his hands on it.

I serve toasted cheesy bread alongside because unless I negotiate with myself through life I end up buying a lot of chips to compensate.

Yes, I could taste the farm.

Upvote and follow me, all the local farmers are doing it!


I know a white pepper dealer. He'll give you a good price.

I am also black pepper lover, I use only black pepper whenever I make omelate. :)

There are dozens of species of hens that lay different colors. 3 that I know produce Blue eggs. Green eggs are from hens that are a cross between white egg-laying hens, and blue egg laying hens.

I'm going to follow you in hopes that you continue to drop eggs of wisdom.

Btw do you know if chickens possess the ability to coordinate deadly group attacks after being agitated for a length of time?

Some farmers have been known to coordinate.
Chickens, however, are lucky to get through the day intact.

You are a very good cook, I must say. The pictures look nice, dunno about the taste though.

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Good post, my home is very easy to find green eggs, because every villager to keep the ducks and ducks it always issued a green egg, in the village. I really like to eat the green eggs.😊

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