Food Photography - Green Curry Combination & Larb

in food •  last year

Hi Steemers

You all know that I have a fondness for food and photography, so here are some pics from my latest meal. It shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s Thai food, it is certainly one of my favorite types of comfort food of the cuisine.



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Thai food is very delicious. I love the green curry

You should try our cuisine Thomas, it's one of the finest, come to tunisia, it's cheep, I'll accompany you to the most outstanding restaurants, my mom's cuisine lol, traditional couscous with fish of the méditerranéen, and my most favorite chakchouka with sea food😁😁😁


That is very tempting @racemlaadhar. I hope to get away and visit the 'mother land' one day. Tunisia very well might be the location to visit.

Looks delicious, thai really is the king of comfort foods!


I completely agree. It's my go to food when I'm also down with a cold.

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They look delicious 😋


Very delicious. Thanks for visiting

Hey man,
I have to tell you, that you used the wrong tag , tag thailand will be right for your toppic. There are just thai language reader on tag thai.


Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to use the proper tag going forward.

I have a fondness for food and photography,

Yeah. I know. I know. You make food so delicious with your photographs. You like Thai food and Sushi. I cant wait to see your Sushi food pictures.

I have never eaten Thai food. She looks appetizing!