Do you eat insects?

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My intestines are upset.

Can I still eat anything? For about one year I have to deal with it and it all started as I had to stay in hospital. I stayed in a room with elderly ladies and with the elderly I mean 70+.
As I first entered that room I thought this was the end station. Not surprising after the rooms with people I saw at the ER. I still do not know if these people were dead or alive but the way they were treated...

There was a serious infection in our room brought by one of the ladies. Right after she left they disinfected everything. Room, things she touched (and we touched too). Shower and toilets were disinfected after I said she used it too on the next day (afternoon).

Most of us went home one or two days later.
I said I would go home and became seriously ill a few days later on my way to my daughter (stayed in bed for 4 days) and still was on my way back home.

If it comes to my intestines...
I am sure in the hospital they added something to our food or more likely infusions. Most ladies had troubles with their intestines and they were farting day and night. There was one exception... The lady who did not get infusions.
At first, I thought it was the food. Too much bread, wheat and I felt a bit better as I ate way less.

Once home I thought the water in my well caused it.
We no longer use it although we always cooked it. I get water from the city tap or buy it. For a short moment, I thought it was over but it is not.

It looks as if I can hardly eat anything and everything upsets my stomach and intestines these days.
Might be it is a gluten allergy and beans and cabbage and and and cause it all but it does mean there's not much left for me to eat.

At times I feel like a horse with colics and I am not the only one.
Yesterday I decided to stop eating oatmeal.

The quality of the oatmeal flakes became bad and I can not eat food with hard seeds and parts of the "wheat" in it that cut in my throat. I had to take them out of my mouth with each spoon I took.

Many suffer from their intestines.
Way more people than we are aware off, and I wonder what food is left for them to eat.
Cabbage, beans, salad, wheat, diaries, fruit, onions, etc are all famous for activating the intestines in a way that does not make most of these people happy.
A friend of mine can not eat or eat in a restaurant, before she took meds she has to buy in Germany.
What is left for us to eat? Vegan does not do us good.

I read (article in NRC newspaper 2013) the Netherlands is number one in Europe (?) if it comes to breeding/promoting (?) insects for human consumption.
I never heard about it in the shop but know by now minced meat, burgers, etc are for a big part vegetables too which means this cannot be eaten either by people who can not digest it (plants are the most difficult food to digest of the food pyramid. Even herbivores have a hard time to do so.).

Do you eat insects?
They say insects do not feel pain. If it comes to breeding and killing them there are no rules set by the law.


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I have never tried insects before, but I don't even want to try 🤐:)

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