Duo Vitello (Tonato & Sweetbread)

in food •  last year

Just a quick pic today Steemians. Nothing special but it tastes great. So we made a little veal duo. Sous vide cooked veal, and sous vide cooked sweetbread.


I already wrote an article about “Vitello Tonato” a couple months ago. So if you like the recipe...


And i also gave you the recipe for cooking sweetbread sous vide in this one...


So now we made a mix of both. Cold Vitello Tonato with a nice warm crusty baked piece of sweetbread on it. And by we, i mean me and @verelst who has prepared the plate in this picture.


Garnished with some edamame beans, black falksalt, arbequina olive oil and little baked spring onions. And ofcourse creamy tonato sauce.

Just a simple dish, but not bad at al!😋



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How's the legs btw ... after those Sissy Squats?



Haha, still feeling like a sissy!😄

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