Leeks’ pie with minced meat… Drooling!

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This pie is amazing! That is if you like pies and minced meat!!!! It is so yummy I am practically drooling right now!


Ingredients: 1 pack of thick phyllo pie (containing two plyllos) or a pack of six thin phyllos, 1 kgr of leeks cleaned and cut in small slices, 1 dried onion finely cut, 3 spring onions cleaned and also cut in small slices, 2 tbsp of finely cut parsley, 2 tbsp of finely cut dill, ½ cup of olive oil, 1 whole grated nutmeg, salt and pepper, ½ cup of white wine. If you are making a big tray, 700gr of minced meat (2/3 beef, 1/3 pork). If you are making a smaller tray, 500 kg minced meat. 1/2kgr of grated cheese gruyere (preferably smoked cheese). Some olive oil for the tray and between phyllos


In a deep pot, wither the leeks and onions in the olive oil in medium fire. Add the parsley and dill and season. Add the minced meat and the wine and let it evaporate. Add the nutmeg. Add ½ glass of water and let the minced meat cook for about ½ hr while randomly stirring.


Apply the phyllo pastry on a oiled tray, one thick phyllo (or three thin ones, which you have oiled in between) on the bottom, spread the minced meat mixture, spread the cheese all over the filling and lay the final plyllo on top (or the three thin phyllos also oiled in between). Spread some olive oil on the top phyllo and cut the phyllos with the knife to form the pie pieces before you put in the oven.


Bake in the oven for about 45’ in 160-170C until you check that the bottom phyllo is ready.





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I want this one too. I forgot to say that all your photos are excellent!

Many many thanks!

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