A proposal for a delicatessen platter

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Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year!


Treat your guests with a nice platter consisting of

high quality prosciutto on a nest of grilled pumpkin with mousse of chestnuts

carob crispbread with talagani cheese and dry figs soaked in red wine and

grilled mushrooms with cream of roquefort cheese




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They look like tasty works of art,lol! Merry Christmas to you too:)

Thank you @georgeboya!!all the best!!!

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This looks so yummy! My little family is having a charcuterie party for our New Year's Eve celebration. We will play games, finish our audio book of The Little House on the Prairie, and watch documentaries in front of our fire. You inspired me to add some prosciutto and pomegranates to our spread. Thank you 🌱

I am very glad! Happy new year!

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