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I absolutely love Indian food! Kind of how I like Chinese food. And Japanese food. And Italian food. And basically all food, because food is just so amazing. But I have been craving Indian food for about 2 weeks now, so I decided to make my own butter chicken curry which turned out amazingly! I don't always trust Indian take-out places, because medically I can't eat gluten and most curries have flour in them unfortunately, so here is a homemade recipe which is gluten-free, inexpensive, lower sodium, quick and easy to make and you can add whatever you want into it. That's the point of a curry, right? But really this combo is amazing.

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What you need:

115g of cooked chicken
Frozen peas
Sliced mushrooms
About 10 cubes of sweet potato (Or baby potatoes if you'd prefer)
Butter chicken curry mix
50ml Lite coconut milk
Garlic flakes
Grinded parsley
Salt (Himalayan pink salt)

So again, I already had chicken ready-made in the fridge. Yes, it seems like I always have chicken in the fridge.. it does help when you have no ready-made meals in the fridge, okay. That and I don't like waiting long for my food to be made, because when I'm hungry, I'm hungry. So things like tacos and curry if the chicken is sorted already, it saves so much time!
Anyways, so I got butter chicken curry paste at the store. The brand is called Spice, but find whatever butter chicken paste you can find at the store that is relatively healthy based on what your goals are. Before I did anything, I put sweet potato cubes with a little bit of water in a clay pot and put it in the microwave for 5 minutes. I then put it in a pot with frozen peas, sliced mushrooms and sliced chicken and put the curry paste along with a little water and about 50ml of the coconut milk in the pot. I put the stove on medium heat and left it (covered) on the stove for about 10-15 minutes, until the sauce thickens a bit and the food soaks in the flavours. (Check every 5 minutes to be safe.) I added a little bit of garlic flakes, grinded parsley and a pinch of salt to the pot before leaving it to cook. (Check how much salt is in the curry mix before adding more.)

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Decide how thick you want the curry to be and take it off heat when it's your desired consistency. You can have this curry with rice or naan bread.. or both! If you want rice, all you should do is cook rice in a pot for 12-15 minutes covered in water while you are waiting for the curry to cook. Or if you're extra lazy you can use the packaged microwave rice instead. (This is Lazy Kitchen after all.😄) It's as easy as that. This recipe took me 15 minutes if I remember correctly and I enjoyed every bite. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Double the measurements if you want to make this for two or if you want extra for tomorrow. 😉 This definition curbed my Indian food craving.

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I hope you enjoyed another Lazy Kitchen🍳 post. I hope I see you in the next one. 😌

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Hey there, nice recipe. Looks delicious. I am from Pakistan and we share almost 90% cuisine with indians. All indian curries dont have flour in them. A few may have it in them but not all. Yes I admit they have lots of oil and spices in them but that is what our taste buds have become habitual of.


It's true not all curries have flour, but I know a few do and I'm never sure which of them do or don't or if they make their curries differently. Just to be on the safe side. 😌 And thanks @nabeelshams.


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Keep up the great work!! 😁


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@themessup yeah! Why I have never considered that until eventually now. Tend to be the animals immortal in advance of male fully commited sin???.

Love your food photos!! Great job!! 😎👍🏻


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