Dr. TLK _ My 2018 Diary_ Feb 24th, 2018_ Cardamom-Cherry Scones

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Cardamom- Cherry Scones

The Recipe

IngredientsAmountsweight (gm)/volume (ml)
Whole wheat pastry flour~ 1.1/2 cup~ 192 gm
Quick Oatmeal~ 2/3 cup~ 60 gm
Buttermilk~1/2 cup~ 120 ml
Orange marmalade~ 1/2 tbsp~ 24 gm
Unsweetened Apple/Pear sauce1~ 113 gm
Liquid Vanilla~ 1 tsp~ 5 ml
Baking Powder~ 2 tsp~ 8 gm
Baking Soda~ 1/2 tsp~ 2 gm
Salt~ 1/2 tsp~ 2 gm
Organic Coconut Sugar~ 2 tbsp~ 18 gm
Cardamom~ 1 tsp~ 4 gm
Fresh Cherries~ 1. 1/2 cups~ 220 gm

The Method:

1- I didn't have buttermilk, so I started by adding 1 tbsp of apple vinegar (or lemon juice) to 3/4 cup of milk, to make my own buttermilk.

2- I chopped the cherries

3- I mixed the dry ingredients, then added the wet ingredients.

4- I added the chopped cherries


5- Cooked @ 375C for ~ 22min

6- Enjoy! 😁

The recipe calorie count

Final notes:

1- I tried the scones next day with coconut yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup. They were okay, but became too sweet and wet. But they tasted amazingly delicious when I tried them with Almond butter.


2- Since I didn't add any butter or oil, they are a bit condensed. But they are really delicious with the almond butter and I could easily eat 2 of them to feel full.

...Till Next Episode!

Dr. The Leaping Koala 😊

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Thanks for bringing us some tasty food. Followed for more.

Good to see an info for calorie count. Useful.☺

delicious food. Thanks foe share this food recipe.

Delicious food with its nutrients and ingredients plus the procedure :) Yummy !!!

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