☕ Show the COFFEE that comes from your country and WIN STEEM! [FOODspedition #17]

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I don't exist without coffee. Seriously. When I get up in the morning I'm in zombie mode and it's hard to communicate with me. Only this magical liquid allows me to make a contact with the environment. 😜
You probably know this, and you probably also know the different kinds of coffee that help you face the world every morning. That's why coffee is the theme of this edition of FOODspedition! The prize pool in this round is 6 STEEM!

How to take part in the FOODspedition?

➡ In the comment show us a picture of the coffee that comes from your country.
➡ Write its name and describe it briefly.
➡ In the comment, add also its estimated value in your currency, US dollars and STEEM.

Important! If you are using an image that you are not the author please enter its source. I will check the entries and if the author does not provide the source of the photo or description he uses will be disqualified.

Members of the FOODspedition, who will take photos or prepare the whole dish on their own, have a much more chance to win a prize. 😉

What you can win?

From your comments I will choose and award three, in my opinion, the most interesting entries, and the authors will receive prizes! In the prize pool of that round we have 6 STEEM!

How to make an entry?

I will show you this on the example of a fantastic coffee that comes from Malaysia!

Name: Kopi Ais
Country: Malaysia
Price: 2 RM / 0.50 USD / 1,5 STEEM

Info:In Europe I rather avoided sweet coffee, but the kopi ais has turned me back to the right path! 😉

To prepare this nectar of gods, coffee is placed in a special filter, which looks like a small sieve and then poured it with hot water. Malaysian coffees have a full, distinctive taste and are powerful! That is why the prepared brew is thinned with a magical ingredient. It is condensed milk. Wonderfully sweet, creamy, with an unusual taste. This ingredient makes the local coffee taste so special.

Because the sun shines almost all the time in Malaysia, the last thing to add is ice, which in this tropical country brings relief in many situations.
And that's how the drink looks like:

An interesting fact is that if you order coffee to take away you will get it in a clever bag. It is tightly closed and protected with a rubber band. Usually it also has loops that allow you to drink comfortably and (which is important) transport coffee on the hanger on the scooter. You will also find a straw in the set, so you can enjoy its taste wherever you want.

And now it's time for your entry!
Show us the coffee that comes from your country in the comment!

Good luck & have fun!

If you love good food, like me, resteem this post! Thanks to this we will see more delicious food from all over the world. 🌏

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Name: Marrón
Country: Venezuela
Price: 1500 bs /0,5$/ 1.5Steem

"Marrón ": It is a coffee, preferably espresso, mixed with milk, in a proportion 50%-50% without foam, which can vary to "Marrón oscuro (Dark brown)" which has higher coffee ratio and "Marrón claro (light brown)" which has lower amount of coffee and more milk. A very characteristic coffee in Venezuelan bakery.


That is very similar to "Italian Cappuccino", but without foam.
However I think It Is good, because I like the mix Milk+Coffee.
Nice entry!😊👍

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Name: Brown
Country: Venezuela
Price: 500 Bs / 0.70 steem / 0.30 $
Info .:It is made with milk and coffee in equal parts, not to be confused with the Italian cappuccino because this brown coffee has no foam.

Venezuela ranked third in the world among the largest coffee producers until 1985. The nation produced between 6.5 and 6.7 percent of world production at that time and approximately 16 percent of the world's soft coffee. .

image.png Source


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Name: poisoned coffee
Country: Venezuela
Price: 2000 Bs.S / 4 Steem

Description: among the types of coffee we have in Venezuela I found this one that by the name I call my attention but what I call my attention are the ingredients, and several times I had heard my grandfather ask for coffee in this way, that was many years, he died but I always remember him. Poisoned coffee is a black with liquor, almost always rum or brandy, although experimentation with other types of high-grade alcoholic beverages does not escape. It's the coffee that groups of people use in night games and meetings, now I know why my grandfather used to say: He gives me a little bit of liquor.


Name: Vietnam Cà phê sữa đá
Vietnam Ice milk coffee

  • Vietnam
  • Price: 15000VND = 0.7 $ = 2 STEEM
  • Info: At its simplest, cà phê sữa đá is made using medium to coarse ground dark roast Vietnamese-grown coffee with a small metal Vietnamese drip filter (phin cà phê). After the hot water is added, the drip filter releases drops of hot coffee slowly into a cup. This finished cup of hot coffee is then quickly poured into a glass full of ice making the finished Vietnamese iced coffee.

A popular way to drink Vietnamese coffee is cà phê sữa đá, which is Vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk. This is done by filling up the coffee cup with 2-3 tablespoons or more of sweetened condensed milk prior to the drip filter process


Taken by anggreklestari

  • Name: Kopi Bandrek Kelapa
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Price: 25.000 IDR / 1.76 USD / 4.3 STEEM

This coffee uses a mixture of "bandrek" and young coconut. Bandrek in English means a drink made from a mixture of ginger, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

Bandrek also means an herbal drink that is able to maintain endurance and warm the body due to the content of ginger.

Usually Indonesian people drink bandrek to warm their bodies, or when they have a fever.

Kopi Bandrek Kelapa has a dominant sweet taste, but still has the aroma of coffee.

In addition to having a delicious smell of coffee, this drink also emits the smell of ginger obtained from ginger which previously had to be burned first to make the aroma stronger.

Addition of young coconut creates a perfect sensation in this traditional Indonesian drink.

Name: Mr. Brown Coffee
Country: TAIWAN
Price: 150 NTW / 12.33 steem / 4.858 $
Info .:It is a three-in-one package, mainly coffee beans + creamer powder + sugar, etc., a small packet can brew 150 ml of coffee, but I personally brew 200 ml to drink .
every 1 small bag weighs 16g, every 45 small bag is 1 big package, 1 big bag is sold, the price is about 150NTW.
Our family is a fan of Mr. Brown Coffee, like I have to drink 5 small bags a day, and my family, We will drink more 30 small bags for every day.
I Drink 2 cups at the morning, Drink 2 cups at the afternoon, and Drink 1 cup at the night.
However, some people in my family said that he could not drink Coffee before going to bed. He said if he drink Coffee that before going to bed, he could not sleep , but I often drank a cup of Coffee and slept well.
The taste of this coffee is very strong and very sweet. We bought three flavors. But It can be boiled more. The package says 150 ml of hot water to brew, but I think it is more suitable to increase the water to 200 ml.
Someone in my family will add powdered milk. You can try it. After adding the milk powder, the taste of the coffee is easily covered by the powdered milk. I doesn't feel like , because the taste of the milk powder easily covers the coffee. But some people in my family like to drink it like that.

TV commercial film, quoted from

Name: Guarapo
Country: Venezuela
Price: 1000 Bs./ 0.50 $ / 1.50 steem

Info: This is my favorite type of coffee preparation, since it is a very soft and extremely easy to prepare coffee.
Personally I prepared it; In a pot with 4 cups of water I place 4 tablespoons of sugar and put it to boil, when it is boiling the neck, in a very fine sieve with 3 tablespoons of coffee, then serve and enjoy a good cup of soft coffee!
image.png sugar and coffee
image.png boiling water
image.png straining coffee
image.png ME, enjoying my coffee!

Country: Italy 🇮🇹
Price: 1.10€/1.25$/3.38 Steem

Info: Espresso is probably one of the most famous kind of coffee with Arabic one. Indeed there are a lot of International Companies that are tring to copy the original one with machines: this new way is easier that the original one because it uses capsules ready to be boiled.
So, the original Espresso is Italian (in particular from Naples) and it was cooked in this machine. Here you put water and coffee powder and after some minutes on the fire the coffee is ready.
The taste is very strong because the water is not really an ingredient, but it is a mean to extract coffee from its powder. So this kind of coffee is very different from the others for this reason: it is drunk in a coffee cup, that is very small.

Thank you @the.foodini for your contest.

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