🔥 LAST CALL TO WIN STEEM! Only several hours left to take part in this round! [FOODspedition #17]

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Only until Saturday (until 11:59 am [MYT]) you can show us the coffee that comes from your country and win the STEEM!

The rules are simple! Show the photo of the coffee that comes from your country, write its name and describe it briefly. In the comment, add also its estimated value in your currency, US dollars and STEEM. I will choose and award the 3 most interesting entries, and their authors will receive a prize in STEEM!

Check the details and post your entry in the contest post!
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🔥 Only several hours left to take part in the contest! 🔥
Don't wait and add your entry under the competition post now!

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Country: Italy 🇮🇹
Price: 1.10€/1.25$/3.38 Steem

Info: Espresso is probably one of the most famous kind of coffee with Arabic one. Indeed there are a lot of International Companies that are tring to copy the original one with machines: this new way is easier that the original one because it uses capsules ready to be boiled.
So, the original Espresso is Italian (in particular from Naples) and it was cooked in this machine. Here you put water and coffee powder and after some minutes on the fire the coffee is ready.
The taste is very strong because the water is not really an ingredient, but it is a mean to extract coffee from its powder. So this kind of coffee is very different from the others for this reason: it is drunk in a coffee cup, that is very small.


Thank you @the.foodini for your contest.

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