Fried Sausage and Cabbage

in food •  last year

We had our first snowfall here in Central Pennsylvania. Making an old time quick favorite...fried sausage and cabbage.
Fried two links of country sausage and cut into bite size pieces. In same pan sauteed some onions and garlic and s&p, added lots of cabbage and cooked for about 15 minutes. Added sausage back in and its done! Quick and easy.


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Wow! That was a simple recipe. Looks good. Thanks again for sharing this. :)


Very simple @firepower Thanks.

I love cabbage dishes. Yours looks great. We are in Bucks County, PA - along the Delaware River north of Philly. Nice to meet a Pennsylvania "neighbor"!

My husband is from Milwaukee, and loves all kinds of sausages and bratwursts. It is really a part of the culture there, along with beer. LOL

I upvoted your post, resteemed, and followed you @tesscooks4u.


Hey neighbor @sallykwitt Thanks so much. Yes, this is a simple and comforting meal. We grew up amongst the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish and love the food culture.


We love PA Dutch food, too. Our favorite restaurant is Shady Maple. Have you ever been there? We just went last month for my birthday dinner, so good!! The veggies are so fresh.


Shady Maple! I have never been there but have heard alot of raving about the food. I gotta go there. Thanks @sallykwitt

Looks easy and delicious! Have to try this one


Simple and good Thanks for visiting.