Quick Lunch - Pork & Mushroom Mix! (Recipe)

in food •  6 months ago

Sometimes I have to make a quick lunch for the family and I invent a meal with what I have in the fridge.


This turned out very tasty!


1/2 kg of pork diced into cubes
1 onion (diced up)
1/2 kg of fresh muchrooms
200ml of tomato paste
200ml of water

Step 1

I took the pork and onion and stir fired them on a little bit of oil.


Step 2
Then I added the 200ml of water and let simmer for 15 minutes


Step 3
After that I added the mushrooms and herbs and spices (you can choose which ones you like) let simmer for 10 minutes


Step 4
Then I added the tomato paste and let it start cooking, approximately takes about 5 minutes.



Step 5
Either bake some potatoes, rice or cook up some pasta and serve!


A quick meal made with what I had with at hand in the fridge.

I like cooking and trying new things, this turned out very tasty and there were no complaints!

Thank you for reading.

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Nice recipe..I want to try.. Thanks for sharing.

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Creo que así sí podría comer hongos jaja

Wow greate article!
Thanks for using the @postdoctor service!

Your recipe looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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your food looks great. This is also our turkish cuisine