Miss. Delicious #80 : The Cow Inn - Ximen, Taipei!

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Dear Steemit friends:


Today, Miss. Delicious is on a journey to find the taste of happiness. There's a saying in Chinese that delicious food brings joy and happiness. No doubt, Taiwan offers some of the most palatable food in all of Asia, and does so, so effortlessly devoid of gift wrapping, or assertive marketing. This is a place to taste food because it is in the rawest sense of the word, simply delicious.

Taiwan is home to a very ethnically diverse population having been occupied and visited by not only the mainland Chinese, but also the Japanese, Dutch, Spaniards, and even many Southeast Asians.

Because of Taiwan's early rise to development, it is known as one of the four Asian dragons which also include Singapore, Hong Kong and South-Korea. With this early affluent economy, Taiwan was able to assimilate delicacies from all over the world, blending them with it's own ethnically diverse traditions. The result - a nation labelled as the food heaven of the east.

Today, we'll be eating around the lively neighbourhood that is Ximending. This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Taipei, but remains one of the most lively. You are never too far away from alluring food waiting to be eaten, whether it's the snack foods, night market stalls, or full blown restaurants, the options are everywhere and you just don't have enough time (or stomach space) to try them all!

Just below where I lived, there is a beef joint, called Beef Shop. It's considered a five star beef noodle joint and has won awards of being a top 10 Beef Noodle Soup joint in Taipei at the 2010 Taipei International Beef Festival.

The restaurant is so popular that after passing and forth for several days, I never found the opportunity to just walk straight in to eat. There was always a queue. On this particular day, I decided that I would permit the waiting time and join the queue. It's as simple as writing your name down on the list then waiting to be called. All in all, about 30 minutes waiting time can be expected.


Outside, they have a few examples of their signature beef noodle soup dishes, as well as some of the cold appetisers frequently consumed with the noodle soup.

Like most shops, restaurants or stores in this area of town. They are tucked away inside the pavement which itself is overlapped by the buildings. It's a curious design, one which suggests that it probably rains a lot and people want the ability to walk around places without getting wet. In either case, the result is we have a lot of these places out of view, and a lot of neon lights and sign boards hanging on the side of buildings to advertise their existence.


These are all the people waiting, within the crowd, i hear a mixture of languages, there is of course English, but also Japanese. Clearly this place is more than just the talk of town, but probably also TripAdvisor (no, I haven't checked).

This is the sign stating that they're a top 10 Beef Noodle Soup restaurant in Taipei according to the 2010, Taipei Beef Festival. Knowing how essential Beef Noodle Soup is in Taiwanese Cuisine, that's quite a prestigious prize!

The restaurant is arranged such that the kitchen where they prepare the noodles, broth and beef is at the front by the entrance. Like in Hong Kong, you can see the chefs working tirelessly as they prepare the various dishes. The teasing aroma that seeps outside is a reminder to the people queuing, it's worth the wait.

This is the menu of appetisers which you are given whilst waiting outside. Obviously, I was mistaken for being Korean because all the writing is in Korean !

This is the Beef Noodle Soup menu, and also where you tick off which dishes you would like to order. As soon as you enter, this is handed to the kitchen, and they prepare your food right away. The red sign is pointing the "registration". This is where you write your name down to join the queue.

Once inside, you realise the restaurant is not very large at all. The kitchen already occupies nearly a third of the available space.


The cold dishes are pre-prepared and are at the end of the kitchen near the dining tables. Some restaurants even allow customers to serve themselves. Here, they are paid for at extra cost.


At first, I thought this board was decoration. The writing looked very much like Chinese poetry or calligraphy. At closer inspection, it is actually their menu! This is an example of functional decoration!

This another board hung on the opposite wall. The bricks and mortar give the restaurant a sense of an unfinished industrial refurbishment. Of course, this was the intention of the design, and I think it bodes well with the overall atmosphere of the restaurant, fitting in with the rustic Japanese colonial style buildings of the area.


The restaurant has had a significant amount of media attention because of it's prestigious award, and as a result has framed these pieces in a glass display for all to see.

This is the dining floor. Not much space as you can see, and all tables occupied as expected. Right at the back, a formidable painting of a bull, pointing it's horns towards a set of real bull's horns. I always wondered why restaurants like to animate the animals from which their meat comes from. It's a little off putting and doesn't make the meat more appealing, quite the opposite.

Alas, the Beef Noodle Soup arrives. Let's see what all the fuss is about?

Beef Noodle Soup originated from Mainland China during the Tang Dynasty and was first prepared by the Muslim ethnic minority called Hui. Today's red braised beef noodle soup as popularised in Taiwan, came across from Chengdu, China. It wasn't until it became a popular dish in Kaohsiung that the rest of Taiwan began taking notice and also started cooking this dish.

Up first, the Red Braised Beef Noodle Soup - "Highest Quality".

Beef in the noodle soup tends to lose it's flavour the longer it is left in it's soup as the soup dilutes the taste. On the other hand, beef tends to absorb more flavour the longer it is left in it's sauce. It is this restaurants desire to allow it's guests to choose how much taste is retained in the beef and noodles.

The little piece of paper suggests that you take a sip of the noodle soup for reference, then take some noodles and put it in the small empty bowl. Then, according to the degree of taste of the soup, you can add the beef to the noodles in the small ball, and garnish with the picked vegetables. If the taste is too strong, then add some more soup to dilute. If the taste is too bland, you can add more braised sauce to the mix.

To most Chinese people, Taiwanese cuisine is known for being light. Not only is it not very salty, it's also not very oily. So, my preference was to add more beef sauce to the mix!

I really enjoyed the ability to eat the beef with noodles dry. One of the things that stand out to me was how soft the meat was. You could "chew" it with your tongue!



This is the half tendon half meat, beef noodle soup. This is the classic dish that most people will be familiar with. There is an option for full meat instead of half tendon. I would say go for the latter. It's probably the tastiest part of the meat, and also good for people who need some collagen supplementation.


The scallion doesn't just add to the visual appeal of the dish, it also brings out a rich herbal scent that makes the soup taste more flavoursome.

After the noodle soup, I was craving for some dessert, unfortunately these specialised restaurants don't serve desserts.
So I wandered around for about 30 seconds and came across this bubble tea stall. Instead of opting for bubble tea, I was curious about the colourful fruit teas. Some are a mix of quite contrasting colours, others just a single colour.

I opted for a mixed fruit tea, which I thought would be a gradient of colours. Turns out it's just pink. Still, it was worthy of a refreshment and there's always a big variety to choose from, you could never get bored of choice!

Finally, another short wander from the bubble tea place, and we're at the main entrance to the Ximen MRT station.
Here, the lights are very bright, and there are so many stalls everywhere.

One stall that caught my eye was this Starfruit ice stall. Also originally from Chengdu, this store was founded in 1966 and thus has over 50 years of history. Interestingly, the store has maintained it's original appearance and even selling it's original Starfruit ice, Plum ice and Pineapple ice.


Starfruit takes 3 full months to brew before being ready to serve. It's known for it's particularly sour taste. It's quite different from the sugar filled desserts and drinks we're used to in the modern day, and it certainly gave me a strong kick when I took my first sip. It has a cheeky fragrance with a bit of spice. Despite the odd taste, it was definitely authentic and most importantly natural. Really great for granting some relief after a long hot day.

This is my closing picture of the Ximen pedestrian area. One of the oldest places in Taipei, and yet one of most visited. In a later blog, we'll take another look at Ximen more closely, and discover the reasons why it remains one of the most popular places to visit in Taipei.

Today, we learned about the origins of one of the most popular local dishes in Taiwan, the Beef Noodle Soup. Not only did we find out about it's acclaimed history, we also had the chance to visit one of the absolute best restaurants in Taipei to enjoy this dish. It turns out that the preparation has indeed evolved some what over time, and now people are discovering many new ways to prepare, cook and eat this traditional food.

For people who have had Beef noodle soup elsewhere, you will be surprised by the stark contrast of taste the Taiwanese version will bring you, and for that reason, I highly recommend this dish as one of the must haves during your (potential) stay in Taiwan.

Remember to upvote if you liked the post, follow me for more food and travel logs, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

都说美食让人吃出幸福的味道, 来到台湾之后,每天都是狂喜的状态,好像可以完全忘记不开心是什么滋味了。台湾,除了浓烈的人情味给我别样的亲切感受,那惊艳的美食小吃更是让人赞叹不已。有时候总在想,宝岛台湾应该是用美食征服全宇宙的吧,那千千万万种口味各异的本土小吃,总有一款会夺走你的心,成为你的挚爱。台湾有着多元的民族和文化,历经南岛民族,荷兰人,西班牙人,明朝和清朝,还有日本人,东南亚及战后中国各省人大规模的迁徙移民,再加上宝岛的物产丰富,较早富裕起来的经济可以让台湾从世界各地引进美食。在历史的传承,不断的融合创新中,成功的赋予台湾丰富的饮食文化,从而诞生了各式各样的台湾美食。





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Wow such a great post..... and beef is my favourite

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

i would eat everything here ;)

after several miss delicious's glad to have you back!!

Mount Krakatau, Indonesia


simply amazing!

amazing indeed


I would like to sit besides you when you were eating along (looking at the picture of this post). :)

Yeah me too

That is a little creepy... especially the alone part lol


大家一起再來~~ :D


If I want it not on the side but in front of it, while enjoying a delicious meal, I can feel the lovely gaze @sweetsssj and feel the charm ...

haha I do like company when eating:)


follow me please. i already follow u.

It all looks so delicious!

tastes delicious too! :)

I love all of the colors in the market. The streets look so clean too! Great post.

an interesting post today, sssj, a departure from the elegant hotels and fine dining establishments you usually frequent.

Frankly, I find fine dining at times to be snobbish, but I've noticed you gravitate toward establishments that are 'real' and offer excellent food, often homemade.

The emphasis on beef at the Cow Inn reminds me of peoples' preference for tasty, fast food.

McDonald's is a world-wide purveyor of this concept and they are even planning to open a restaurant a day in mainland China. The Steer Rules!

Getting back to the post, it seems your theme today is comfort food, and what's more comforting than delicious soup and steaming hot tea?

Admittedly, street food has its downside particularly with regard to ambiance, but on the other hand, sipping hot soup beneath an awning on a rainy day creates a cozy atmosphere of its own.

A delightful change of pace from your usual posts, @sweetsssj

john, thank you for the quick reply and noted insight.

I've written a little about the Chinese attitude towards fine dining, amongst other activities considered superficial. But, it's very much endowed in the Chinese psyche because of it's lagging development relative to the west. Take afternoon tea for example, the British have had this for hundreds of years and no longer consider this activity a big deal. The Chinese on the other hand only discovered this in recent years. To them, it means more than just having tea, it is a symbol of status. Countries that developed into wealthier economies in recent years and in short spaces of time, all exhibit this typical behaviour. The Asian Dragons - Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong. And now China.

As time passes, the rest of society catches up, and flamboyant displays of decadence no longer become central to attracting the attention of peers. People start going back to basics, as you said enjoying things like McDonalds which is becoming as popular as 7 Eleven is in Taiwan.

In the words of Rick Warren, people stop spending money they don't have, on things they don't want, to impress people they don't like.

Whilst I do enjoy fine dining, I certainly never turn away from establishments like the Cow Inn, and if i'm honest, I've never rated Michelin restaurants higher than these restaurants in terms of quality of food, I would be a very biased and selective connoisseur if I did!

I stand by tasting food from all walks of life, whether it's a fried pancake from a night market stall on the corner of the street, or foie gras and caviar from The Dorchester in Mayfair. To be honest, i'd probably choose nightmarket food any day of the week! :)

I appreciate that about you, sssj - you are all about the food and not the display.

You are an amazing person. Your reading and experience travelling has broadened your taste and provided you with insight into more than merely matters culinary.

A quite from Rick Warren? You certainly do live a purpose-driven life :)

Thank you for the insight into the changing Chinese attitude toward the rituals surrounding the afternoon tea - very interesting, and appropriate especially considering the long tradition of tea in China.

By the way, I would like to see a post sometime in the near future about cats. Yes, I have a cat, or rather he has me, but I'm not given over to ailurophilia rampant on Youtube. My tabby is my Muse, but lately, I've only caught glimpses of your feline companions.

Just a small request :)

The problem with the Michelin rating system is that people's tastes are influenced heavily by what they eat growing up, and therefore, what food is considered better or worse tasting depends on culture. Michelin is super biased towards french restaurants, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - Michelin is just a french tire company which originally made the guide as a way to market themselves towards french motorists, and of course they would target their customers. It's only a problem when they try to make it more general than that, and say that the guide is some official measure of objective tastiness when it really isn't.

I think crowdsourced rating systems like yelp or google maps are better at identifying tasty food rather instead of "fancy" food, but you could also say that its just targeting millenials/people who like smartphones. In something as subjective as food there is no such thing as a rating system without bias, it's just a matter of finding experts / systems that have similar tastes to you personally.

Siempre me ha llamado la atención su gastronomía, la mezcla de sabores, productos y sobre todo hortalizas frutas verduras legumbres, todo en un platillo que hace una explosión de sabores

All that food make me gain some weight hehe...that's a cool restaurant you visiting :))

haha i wish i was in your shoes.. I want to gain weight!

Starfruit brew doesn't look very appealing.. but maybe it's healthy?

Yes, but at the same time, it's an acquired taste. Sour is a strange sensation, one which improves the more you get used to it. Still, you're probably right, health is the main reason people drink it!

I love star fruit, it is one of my favorites here in Trinidad and Tobago. We in the Caribbean have a wide variety of food, from Indian to Syrian, to African, to Chinese even American. All in a very little Island. @sweetsssj you should come visit us sometime.

john, i've really wanted to visit for quite a while, maybe in my next visit to that part of the world :)

Wow this is a great post. I like the photographs you use into your article.

Good post @sweetsssj restaurants or stores in this area of town. They are tucked away inside the pavement which itself is overlapped by the buildings. It's a curious design, one which suggests that it probably rains a lot and people want the ability to walk around places without getting wet. In either case, the result is we have a lot of these places out of view, and a lot of neon lights and sign boards hanging on the side of buildings to advertise their existence. Nice thebest


  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Sometimes, when I got rich in steemit, I should make a trip here...😀😁😂

Nice post @sweetsssj 😍

ooh don't wait till then, life is too precious to wait until you're rich to enjoy it!

Kızım sen nerelisin geçenlerde bizim buralarada gelmişsin . Ama insan bi arar sorar biz senden büyüğüz dimi
Nolurdu gelip elimizi öpsen.:)

Wow, am salivating already.. Infact where is my own noodle.. Lol.

I really love your content! Not only have you posted amazing photos, but have also taken the time to write a story with it and I think that's real art and your posts are wonderful!

thank you katie, that's so kind of you to say. I think every experience has a story worth telling, and i'm very grateful that you find it interesting enough to read !

I love china and see that it has invested so much in developing African railroads that actually improve lives and infrastructure investment in Indonesian slums turning them into nice neighborhoods. Taiwan and China relations are being healed by posts like yours! You are directly helping.

You are a beacon of hope for the blockchain future of the world! Taiwan will only grow more in love with bitcoin and steemit! China and Taiwan and all asian nations will use Bitcoin in the future and the bitcoin owners of today will be the market makers of the future!

These pictures make me hungry

And this website shows us global bitcoin being purchased , all the fiat leaking into butcoin! CHina and USA buying up most all the bitcoin!

I know you will end up making a magazine or a youtube channel with millions of viewers!

you will be first to reach 100,000 followers on steemit!

Hello @sweetsssj, I'm curious about the SBD transfers to you. Are your outgoing votes automated? I see that many Steemians are interested in your vote and I would be too, but if you manually vote, I think that places a burden on you and your time. (I feel that I do not want to bother you if you do a manual vote, because if it was me, I might get a little irritated with all of the attention, transfers, reading posts, time...)

I'm posting a few days after your post went out so your not overwhelmed with a 100 within the first few hours...

Glenn =)

Wow, like you rocked it again, my friend. I love the way you enjoy life and how you drain every moment into a adventure in food. I love the photos, and I know impossible, but I can even smell and taste the various foods as you write about this amazing world around you. How do you stay so slim with such a love of food?

thanks johnnyray, you know I really would like to know the answer to your question too.. i've been trying to put on a bit more weight but its not happening! To food so good you can smell it through the screen!

It is delightful to know a little bit history Taiwan along the food journey which is off course delicious to read.

There's always a bit of insight worth looking into! :)

Hi, Beautiful Girl I must say till now from all your Posts on Taiwan the journey had been amazing and you are really enjoying it. It is really a very beautiful place and great variety of food. I am sure going to travel there one day , but till then you are my Travelling Guide and I am connecting somehow with you in all your posts and you make me feel as I am there too, that's your magic dear. Thanks for these amazing posts , giving wings to fly to many of us. Love you so much , take care , bye ☺

vikbuddy, so lovely to see you and so happy to have you join me on my travels through steemit. Hope you are enjoying the food :)

Hello dear friend , hope you are having a great time . Plz have a look at my Post on India's Most Celebrated Festival 'Diwali' : https://steemit.com/india/@vikbuddy/wishing-happy-diwali-india


@sweetsssj I was just going to get some lunch after reading this post. What I am having for lunch does not look half as good as what you had. Wonderful Noodles and Very Tender Beef, yummy. I am getting excited now because my STEEMIT Account Value is close to $1000.00...........Here is to the Next gracious meal you send us beautiful pictures of.

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stokjockey, what a coincidence haha, I do hope I haven't changed your mind on what to get for lunch now..

Congrats on a very important milestone, you are doing well! Only up and up now! :)


the way @sweetsssj present her article on food makes you want to travel to that city to eat and come back, read this and was hungry by the time i was done reading

great!that means the desired effect is happening! :)

looking good


I always love Chinese food

thank you!

Really enjoy reading your blog and thank you for sharing.

you're welcome rosa, thanks for visiting. Steem on!

AJ picked your post @sweetsssj for his #TOP5 FOOD POST. Visit AJ's FOOD ROUNDUP to view where your post is ranked.

thank you!

In Indonesia is Taiwanese food easy to find?

Wonderful.... when I was in Taiwan in 2014 I enjoyed some of the best food ever! Absolutely amazing! Upvoted!

thank you splatterhaus, my first experience of Taiwan was in 2014 too actually!

I liked your hat @sweetsssj. by the way when you visit my blog again. like yesterday @sweetsssj

thanks nasrud, I designed it myself :) I will come sometime :)

This is an awesome post @sweetsssj, I am absolutely amazed.
I am a newbie here and posts like yours are truly inspirational.
Ever since I came to the US, I had the opportunity to visit Taiwanese and Chinese food joints. I have tried beef noodle soup before and I really loved it. But I never knew anything about it other than the fact that it had beef and it was delicious. Your post shed some new insight which I really enjoyed reading.
Will wait for more such posts from you!

Hello, I really liked your publication, of course visits always beautiful places in this case I call very much attention the fruit "Chinese Tamarindo" called in my country Venezuela a fruit for me between acid and sweet more to my taste and palate. It is also used in this area to prepare spicy.
It is very striking how they prepare it in that place that happens three full months as you say for the preparation of the dessert.
Greetings waiting to see many more great publications.

I see, it seems like there is probably a lot more in common with Chinese and Venezuela cuisine than I thought. I have to visit there and see for myself one day!




LINK OF MY LATEST ARTICLE-https://steemit.com/las/@mohit670/las-vegas-casinos-have-no-clocks

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Your post just made my day...Got all my gastric acids worked up.

There is nothing more satisfying than have well cooked beef that has all the juicy essence...The one that makes you feel "Oh....MY GOD!!!Dats Mind blowing..."

Your post just made me crave for it... and i am have some tender meat that melts in my mouth for myself..

Great post btw. Inspiring me to travel as well! Holler from India!

First off wow! Very impressed with your article. Particularly love the attention to detail regarding the backgrounds of the places you mentioned and the history behind them. Really appreciate those details! Definitely going to follow and hopefully some day I'll get the chance to visit your beautiful country!

nice post....

Really wonderful

nice work

Really wonderful

Yami yami after all this reading surely the launch will be appreciated!!!

very nice.

thanks rtonline! :)

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I love the market specially foood yummmyyy. The streets look so clean too! awesome post.

Setiap yang lihat pasti akan merasa lapar..

You are gorgeous! Followed and resteemed! Hope you can follow me back. See you on the dance floor!


Hi welcome to steemit follow and upvote my post and i will do same for you.

its looking Delicious but i can't read rate list because its in chines . But i cant forget to say long live Pakistan and china friendship @sweetsssj

thanks, the menu is basically just various kinds of beef noodle soup, the two main ones I ordered :)

Great hope you enjoy

Hao chi ba!

I love your post! Thankyou Ms. Delicious, I am hungry now! If only I had a dim sum chef in my house! x

sweetsssj u are the beauty of nature.
You look so nice May God Bless U IN your Life
Happy Steemian

thanks, that's so sweet :)

wonderful post. its a delicious.

Really great, you know mouth watering ;)

i upvote and Reply for you and thank for the Upvote and Reply you too for me , followed right back @hadebrahim

thanks, i was drooling whilst writing this :)

Indeed, always you give me surprise with your great work :) It is really amazing. Keep smile up and enjoy the morning, I hope great weather there, am i right.

Unfortunately you are far away from me sweetie :)) , if you dont mind follow me

What a delicious post

Miss. Delicious delivers!

Where should i come to taste it?

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I would like to sit besides you when you were eating along. let eat together

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yummmm!!! you make eating look so fun!! 🍞🍩🍮

Pretty Soul Icon-01.png


nice photo.


thank you daisy01

OMG you are soooo cute.
I follow you!

thanks dear!

Wow ! Im sure you found happiness @sweetsssj !! Great post as always , a definite up vote and resteemed to share with all my foodie followers in my @momskitchen blog !! Thanks for sharing !!

For Sweet sssj ! Mmmmmmm! Im hungry now !!

haha very cool, thanks momskitchen!


hi guys this is my poem to our beloved sweetsssj ...hope you will support my poem

which dedicated to our sweet and lovely @sweetsssj

Good post

That looks so yummy!!! Why is there no place like this ANYWHERE near where I live?????


you'll have to find a taiwanese noodle soup joint. I haven't found any abroad or in China!

深夜來看 Miss Delicious 的紅燒牛肉麵實在很痛苦,因為肚子會更加肚餓!😅😅😅牛 tendon 那塊我不客氣了!


Hello my friend, how I am happy to read your post within 20 minutes of being published! Wow! Btw I am commenting via Busy.org as I just can't access steemit! I even made my first ever post over there some minutes back!
I have not yet had my dinner today and looking at your yummy post is making me soooo hungry! Wonderful post again my friend!
Btw I sent you a comment last time, maybe you did not notice, concerning the cooking contest I am running. Hope you get some time for it my friend.
Thank you!

progressivechef, I am using busy too, and thank goodness such a good alternative exists because it was the only way i could post..

I'll have a look for that comment, otherwise you can find me on steemit chat, i'm back there now :)

Oh wow, you did this post on Busy!? I had so much difficulty writing a nice formatted post there, I still got a lot to learn!
Ok my friend, I will send you a message there soon, so glad that you are back!

I know that you have been traveling for awhile and gone to a crazy amount of places. I think it would be cool for you to create an outline of some of the favorite places you have been to and why they were your favorite. My girlfriend and I plan to start traveling within the next 2 or 3 years and it would be great to get your opinion on some of the awesome places that you have traveled to and experienced!

I'm planning on doing a round up of my favourite places soon, maybe even make a printed version because it's nice to just flick through a picture book. Thanks for the tip though, hopefully i'll have this ready way before you set off on your travels !

Sounds good! Thanks Sweetsssj!

Hey I am robot everyday i will upvote you and comments you so now follow me and upvotes my all posts,,,,
Thank You so much

nice food information

thanks, not too much to take in i hope!

Awesome as always @sweetsssj! I see that you didn’t have any dumplings because you are waiting for our dinner with @Ned :). Most importantly, where did you get that cool hat???

Oooh, the meet is an inevitability one day.

I'm starting to build up a nice collection of my steemit apparel. This is one of the new additions :)

Fancy! :)

Friend last day my reputation 43 but today is 12 im so upset...

I really love your posts!!!!!!!!!!!
I think if we do things with passion everything is possible
Saludos James!