Street Food Market in Vietnam

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Hello from Ho Chi Minh City! I have visited the local street food marked two days in a row now. And there is just so much delicious food everywhere here.

Summer rolls! I ordered one of every kind they had. Pork, vegetarian, beef and shrimp to mention a few!
It was served with a heavenly peanut sauce and a chili sauce!

The shrimp one was my absolute favorite! I will make this at home, for sure!

Tempting food everywhere!

This place is awesome! One big area where you can eat with friends, but order from different booths.

Banh Bao AKA steam buns. I ordered one with pork belly and one with beef. The pork belly was my favorite. Sticky sauce, crispy veggies and delicious meat. The jumbo sized bun was so fluffy it almost fell apart. Wow!

There are fruit stands on every corner in this city. I buys some fruit every day and bring it to my hotel room. So fresh and so sweet. A lot better than the fruit in Norway, where I live.

Oh, and by the way! I had my first PHO in Vietnam. And it trumps pho I have ever tasted in my life. Can’t wait to have more! He broth was out of this world. And I know I will have lots of more delicious pho during my four weeks here!

I hope you are doing well!

Lots of love


Absolutely amazing shots. Food looks very delicious.

Thank you!

The food looks amazing

It sure was. I love Vietnam!!

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Wow! Another trip! It is awesome you are able to travel around the world.

I am so glad that my occupation allows me to do this. I feel so blessed! How are you?

I'm doing pretty good. I sold my property in Arizona and I just hung out with @papa-pepper for a few days and charmed some snakes and jumped off cliffs in Arkansas!

So, what brought you to Vietnam this trip? Is it a living or visiting trip?

One month of workcationing! I just moved my office to Vietnam because Norway is so dark and cold in October.

I can imagine Norway would be pretty cold and dark during the winters. I'd love to try it out. Perpetual night for a while would be interesting, seeing the northern lights so clear and bright.. It would be magical for me.

Where will go after Vietnam?

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