Cheese Platter Wednesday

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Cheese is life. It’s the single reason for my failed attempt to become vegan. But I’m not even mad about it, because cheese is absolutely worth every bite.


A mix of some of my favorite cheeses.

You need some walnuts, honey and apple marmalade on the side.


Delicious olives, beer sausage, chili sausage, chorizo, roast beef, red wine sausage, English white cheddar, Norwegian blue cheese, French brie to mention a few.


I served it with homemade focaccia and spelt crackers.

It’s safe to say that this surely filled me up, as I only shared it with one person.

I’ve written about one of my favorite cheeses before, Lille Aske -

Can you spot the Norwegian goats cheese Lille Aske on the platter?



I don't know how you managed to share this plate of heaven. I would have inhaled it and bit off anyone's hand that approached a bit too close.
I'm confused though... where's the vino?

Your cheese is the best susanne.. The high-quality protein in cheese provides the body with essential building blocks for strong muscles.. Kindly invite me when next you wanna prepare cheese

Hey, thank you for your upvote, I think everyone in this world loves a tyoe of cheese.

And we have something in common:

I also love food!

woooow very delicious food dear friend

Ser bra ut, njut av måltiden 😋


I cannot understand people who dislike blue cheeses, they are amazing! hehe

My bet is that Lille Aske is the soft one with the grayish-blueish rind, the white one is probably brie or camembert? :)

yeeees, i googled and i was right! :D

Cheese is life! Sam's weakness, but Becca's enemy (as she is lactose-intolerant). Just had a cheese toastie for lunch!

What did the cheese say in the mirror @susanne?

You look Gouda ;)

One more since it's Olympic season - Did you hear about the cheese that failed to win a medal at the Olympics?

It fell at the final curdle (hehehe)

Få ting kan kalles kosemat som ost og spekepølse! Ser vedig godt ut og merker jeg gleder meg til vinterferie nå, for da skal det garantert bli litt ekstra kos med mat som dette! :)

Wowiee looking very delicious @susanne photography is also wonderful :D Don't forget to drop invitation for me :D I'd love to join you for this meal ♥ ♥ and by the way i like the name #Cheesy-Susanne :p

it looks very tasty, very suitable for menu when relaxing ..

There are lots of different cheese types, different foods, and different manufacturing places, but I think your choice is the best, you own a distinct taste,Good luck my dear friend @susanne 👍👍

It is looking too delicius:) yummy
I think it is so tasty ???

What time should I arrive next wednesday and what should I bring?

I worked in a Cheese shop in Toronto for a few months. I had no idea there were hundreds of types of cheeses. One for every occasion and taste bud.

nice post, looks tasty.

I would love to keep you company when eating this tasty dish))) And I would add a glass of white wine)

wow... my mouth is watering .. when I saw the first pic. !! and you're right cheese is life!

Susanne - the cheese lover. Or do I say cheesalicious Susanne.
I didn't even know which was your Lille Aske until I have to look at the previous post. I hope its a delicious as it looks?

Does it have to be limited to Wednesday ? Lol

Nå fikk jeg lyst på spansk tapas. Takk for den! (sitter på en hytte på fjellet) 😂
Det så veldig godt ut!

OMG I love cheese 🧀!

Me too!! What is your favorite kind?

Thnks you sister

ååååå, ost! Men du glemte karbonadedeig. Du kan ikke bli veganer pga det og.

Åååååå! Ironisk nok la eg ut en blogg om
Karbonadedeig akkurat nå! Hahahhaha

Where to begin...?! A decent Stilton is right up there along with smoked cheeses like Applewood. Some well-matured brie too plus some hard cheeses like cheddars or Black Bomber. Yum. Need some decent accompaniments too like some quince jelly, dates...oh, and great crackers.

Your platter looks amazing. I like the sound of Norwegian blue cheese and homemade focaccia bread.... Gotta go, feeling super hungry!

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