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RE: #5 My Best Vegan Breakfasts in the World! 🌎 Porridge with Wild Blueberries in Poland 🇵🇱 💜

in #food4 years ago

It is nice to learn the traditional breakfast in Poland and my congratulations with Independence day, although a day delay in that. Nevertheless, you have done beautiful picture, I like how you created a nice scene open window a bowl with porridge on it, like inviting the children who playing outside to come in for a delicious breakfast. I lived in such little country house and that what we have had as we usually were up at 5 Am and were already playing outside, to 7 Am it was time for breakfast so once we smelled a nice food we need not to be called :)


And I like your comments dear @stef1 😊 There is some magic in what you write.

Where is your family home?

Thank you Moni, I am myself born in Kazakhstan, of course it used to be ex-USSR, but have left it long ago, although still have a strong and warm memories of the people around there, we have had multicultural population of course after disintegration, many have left in their original motherlands :)

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