Made Oreo Truffles thanks to @allasyummyfood. (Food photoshoot)

in food •  last year

2017-06-03 21.29.20.jpg

Today I was inspired by the 15 Min Oreo Truffles recipe and video posted by @allasyummyfood. It was a great video tutorial and I enjoyed making them even though it took me more than 15 min. Thanks @allasyummyfood!

2017-06-03 21.28.29.jpg

2017-06-03 21.30.49.jpg

2017-06-03 21.29.59.jpg

Here is the original post, try it out:

All photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy s5.

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wow, good one indeed


welcome, lets stay in touch

Like morsels of pure joy! I sent people your way and mentioned you in my last post. Cheers!


Thanks @buzzbeergeek! I like your description :)

These LOOK amazing!!! Well done :))) you are a professional :P resteemed!!!


Thank you @allasyummyfood. I want to try more of your recipes


yes do :))) love it!

My wife makes these occasionally. They're so good! I like the mint-flavored ones...and the banana too!


Mint ones sound great @ats-david!

Why would you ever want a birthday cake when these are so valuable. Worth their weight in gold! :)


@isaac.rodebush I like cake too, ha


This is way better than cake just harder to put candles in ;)

Yeeahh this is sooooo delicious!! I know this recipe and make them a lot. Once you eat one, you have to eat them all! LOL


That's why I'm taking them to a potluck to share @ellenvddoel. Too dangerous to keep at home

wow assume


Thank you @solar27

Hello my friend
Happy day for you and for every family
These desserts are beautiful
*** Happy day Please do not forget my support ****


Thank you @mars9