Latte art Mountain. End of my vacations.

in food •  3 years ago 

Hello all!
now I'm back from my vacation and start to do a new latte art for you. I hope you miss me and my art.

After some maintenance and tune up my coffee machine, I'm ready to make the tasty coffee and new latte art.

I decided to make simple shape but colorful mountain latte art.

I don't know why but my time-lapse recording program in my phone don't write all latte art creation process.
Anyway, I try to show at least the part of it.

Thank you for your time!

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well done @smailer , i think this similiar to pepsi logo :D

something similar I was thinking too, when I see preview :)

Отпуск! А я уж было волноваться стала)

Ага, мы не сдаемся и не пропадаем :)
с новыми силами и красками - к делу!

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You came back! I was missing your coffee art)

Thank you ;) I happy to hear it :)

I think we all missed you!!! Welcome back. I hope your vacation was fantastic.

Thank you! :) Vacations was great but now I return to cold weather to my motherland :)

Hotdamn, @smailer is back! Missed ya, buddy!

:) Hi! I keep eye on your art while traveling :)
Thanks for kind words

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Wow ))you talant

thank you :)

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