Gold crab at the crab house. 🦀🍜蟹家大院的蟹黄金天价面。

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In Beijing, you have to eat traditional food in Beijing, like roast duck, Fried sauce noodles and boiled mutton. What are you going to eat in Shanghai? Of course, the hairy crabs yangcheng lake, now eating crab has new patterns, such as the fusion of hairy crabs and noodles.



Walk into this store, discover the decoration of the shop uses natural bamboo, wood, the decoration material of cane, reflected the shop home pursues simple and simple, pure natural and traditional extremely simple style. Store is not big, the kitchen is open, if you want to see how to make this bowl for hairy crab noodle, I can saw in front of the cook, there are few boxes, inside are the crab roe and crab legs, are all artificial pick out, don't know how long is it gonna be? Pick a box filled with crab legs? It seems that kind of people will feel happy who like to eat crab but don't like to pick by themselves.


Compound of all crab from yangcheng lake crab home breeding base, so don't worry about the quality problem of the hairy crabs itself, the store uses the pure natural pollution-free, also do not contain hormones and crabs, crab, the price is the most expensive noodles I ever have, so called crab roe gold noodle.


Came back, the pavement and crab roe, crab roe also scattered golden edible gold ornament, such a noodles, but need to be 6 male crab and 6 females crab can break up such a large bowl of crab roe.



@serenawu, 来来,老司机教你怎么成为生活的主宰者:把这碗 鸡汤 先干了...




The food looks delicious @serenawu

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