in food •  6 months ago

It’s an evolutionary mystery that scientists have had trouble explaining, but humans are the only animals who actually enjoy eating spicy food. There does not seem to be any health benefits to eating painful peppers (though some research finds that it may fight off fungus), so the best reason some have suggested is the thrill factor—no different than the fact that we are the only animals that like rollercoasters and scary movies.

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You're right. It's hard to explain why some people like spicy food. I love eating spicy foods and I do not know why.

Nice post, but in my experience on my parents' farm, I can tell you that some animals also enjoy spicy food. One example that comes to mind is sheep.

Sheep eat peppers because it helps rid them of intestinal parasites.

Here's one such example

[Ram Eating pepper


Doesn’t mean that they enjoy it.