Behold, the Chaffle!

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IMG_3289 2.jpg

My new favorite food - the cheese and egg waffle!!!

That's all it is - cheese and eggs mixed up together, and cooked in a waffle iron. They're real easy to make and real delicious!

Fully loaded version:

IMG_3380 2.jpg

I may have them again tomorrow, and I may post about it too if I have not yet articulated the much more meaningful stuff that's on my mind.

I mean, super sustainable, healthy, super free food is important too - none of these ingredients were bought in a store, no one had to go to work to pay money to acquire said ingredients, no taxation, no packaging, cooked outside in love and fresh air, and generously prepared by someone else so I could focus on a different project with a higher payoff for my is a pretty epic meal when you really consider it!

Well, maybe my body will alchemize these delicious chaffles to help me communicate the even more profound and meaningful feelings and experiences I'm trying to formulate into words lately.

✨💛✨ Sara!

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Yes you do love em!