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RE: Mug Meals - Chorizo and Spinach Fritatta

in #food3 years ago

Cub spied the last photo and asked if it was a pizza XD

Would 3min have burnt it? Can definitely see a problem with the different densities of the spinach and chorizo affecting the distribution as it's cooking though.

Think the only thing I've ever made in a mug was chocolate mug pudding and after teaching the kids how to make it J refused to buy icing sugar ever again because it got made so much XD


3 mins for the microwave may have browned the top, but I doubt it. It would however have really overcooked the egg, making the texture not that great.

I am intrigued by the desserts, which I'm sure I'll get to at some point. I haven't actually gotten to making the next thing from the book still, but will get there

oh, and density differences is certainly the issue with the distribution

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