My Last Food Post: Grass-fed Eye Fillet with Sweet Potato, Broc and Cottage Cheese

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I'm about to re-focus my Steemit posting to be strictly around business, entrepreneurship and marketing, so this will probably be one of the last food photos I post for a while, but this steak was so damn delicious I couldn't help myself.

There's a butcher near where I live that has some of the most amazing beef you'll ever taste, and the best part is that they cut steak to order, right in front of you, then vac-seal it up so that it stays fresh in the fridge.

My folks think I'm being extravagant when I talk about eating eye filet, and I guess it is a bit of a luxury, but the reality is that it's cheaper to eat a delicious meal like this than it is to grab McDonalds. And a heck of a lot healthier, too.

My cooking method, which almost always produces a perfect medium-rare steak is:

  • Bring steak to room temperature. Season and add a dollop of oil
  • Bring pan to high heat and sear for 90 seconds per side
  • Put in 180c oven for 8 minutes, take out and rest for 4, put back in for 1

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You can't beat a good food post. I actually had chateaubriand with fries last night also, although not from the butchers. It was an Aldi special, although very nice it was.
Looking forward to your business and marketing posts.


I do love a good food post, but until they filter other apps out of Steemit (eg steepshot), I don’t want my followers interested in business/marketing stuff dealing with random photos of my dog, food, etc :\

I love Aldi. There’s not really any close enough to me yet to really make it my go-to supermarket, but I feel like they’re rapidly becoming the “uber of retail grocery”

This is an awesome "Last Meal" post! Can't wait to see what comes from 100% of your focus being given to entrepreneurship and business! Hoping to learn a bunch from you!


Cheers Druid! The first one is up!



Sure, ask away

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