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hello steemit friends ... i want to share information about king burger grill

This burger is made with real ground beef until smooth,but there are also burgers that use chicken contents, it depends on customer orders..!

this burger mixed with cheese and blackpepper to taste more delicious

maybe you also like a burger that has double beef and chicken,,
this is the king burger grill that made my friend in malaysia..
this is all I can say for steemit friends, may you like it..

if you like please follow me upvote and resteemed .. thanks
best regards from me @rizkiandrian


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Wow looks so tasty burger😋.

yes thank ... hope you can also feel it

Your welcome...yes @rizkiandrian when i saw the burger i was hungry also;)

hehehe ... I also feel hungry

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Can grab on it , anytime :)

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