It sure lasts long!

There are Chemicals in nearly everything we eat today very hard to find food with out any chemicals in them.. unless you grown you own.. but then the soil will still have chemicals in it, so you can't win

Most attractive you mean ?

Taste I mean 😍

You should try organic and see if there is a difference for you.
I find that there is a huge difference in taste.
Nutrition wish organic is way better.
Sometimes wen you eat to much sugar you cant feel the difference in taste so try cutting out the sweets and then try again.

I really do have to disagree with that rhubarb. Every processed meal I have ever tried (I used to eat a lot when I worked long hours and before I became a healthier human being) tasted so so poor. I am now gluten free, soya free vegan and I make all my own meals from scratch...All my biscuits, cakes, I even make my own milk, cream, sauces etc and they taste FRESH!!!!!! and tasty ;) There is nothing like fresh food.

I agree. There is nothing like fresh food! Fresh food is delicious and it doesn't make you feel weighed down like processed food does.

@adsactly @ponmile Great Article, very detailed and informative. Speacially interesting is the part about sodium nitrites, in fact it is estimated that Each 50-gram (1.8-ounce) portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18 percent. (1.) This foods are definitely tasty but are by no means good to our bodies and detrimental to our health. As always moderation is key. Thanks for clarifying @rhubarb


I would also have to disagree here - maybe your first few meals might not taste as good however once you start eating real food that will change. The only reason why the other food seems to taste better is because of the chemicals & sugars etc. I've previously thought those foods tasted better and changed my eating habits to natural healthier food & I can promise you it tastes MUCH better

So pretty much everything you buy in a modern supermarket is designed to slowly poison and sicken you?

Yes :( Some purposely, some for profit, some are toxic because they need to travel and be stored and suppliers want them to 'look' fresh.Unless you eat organic, you think you are eating lovely healthy fresh veg and fruit and you are consuming a big list of pesticides. Apples are the number one culprit containing several different toxic substances. If you can only afford one item to be organic, choose your apples!! Most foods created from wheat/gluten are covered in Glysophate...This is the toxic shit storm that causes issues like wheat intolerance, IBS, Coeliac and Leaky gut and other immune disorders. Enough to make you cry isn't it. I grow my own but even that I wash in ACV before eating because of the geo engineering going on.

We want easy food i guess

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