Detox Diet - Fresh Spring Rolls - Lost 7,7% In 17 Days Without Being Hungry

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After 17 days of a detox diet by Sabine Zeegers (Rotterdam - The Netherlands) still enjoying every meal. More energy, enhanced creativity, 7,7 % weight loss and never hungry. I'm beginning to like food photography also. Any tips and advice is welcome. More to recipes to follow soon.

How easy is this recipe?

Whole grain crackers or rusk with avocado

1 or 2 crackers with avocado, carrots or cucumber and other things you want to do such as red pepper, spring onion, coriander. Drink a cup of tea with a slice of ginger in it.

Enjoy your meal.

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good for health


When Sabine has an online presence I'll let you know asap. Everyone who likes it or just looks, SUPPORT Please! !! ALL GOOD Thanks in advance !!! It's not so hard for you to vote, do not be so bad people !!!! I'm sorry translated using an Internet translator, I myself am far from English !!!

do you have a link for more information about this detox diet?


Not yet. When Sabine has an online presence I'll let you know asap.