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How does Japanese grilled intestine taste like?


Hey guys! There weather changed so quickly in Korea. The air feels so much cooler compare to few days ago! It felt like the autum came already. How's the weather over there?


Today I want to share my experience of Tenjin Horumon in Japan. What is Horumon? You'll figure it out soon :)


Since I got there at lunch time, I'd love to try their lunch menu :D


Let's start with ginger ale.

If I visited there at night, I'd love to order highball instead of soda but I'm not a day drinker hehe.



There is lots of Korean in this restaurant. It shows you much many Korean people coming here! :)


There is huge AC in the restaurant, so you can enjoy your meal infront of hot grill :)


They roast the host first, and put it on the plate.


And then beef & intestine.

Wait for a minute​, intestine? Haha, yes!
It sounds a ​little bit crazy but Japanese people loves to eat beef intestine so as Korean people.


I orderd the most popular menu in this restaurant called 'Nikumaru-Teishoku'
It comes with grilled beef & intestine :)


The rice and Miso soup are all you can eat, so you can order as much as you want.


Isn't intestine looks so yummy?


Actually, I'm not a big fan of the intestine because​ it's too chewy,
but this Horumon (means intestine in JP) was amazing!

They cut it really thinly so I can eat easily.
Some bad intestines are stinks but this one didn't smell like it.

Especially the sauce of intestine was salty and so flavorful!
It was perfect with rice and soup! :D

If you're looking for unique local Japanese food,
Tenjin Horumon wouldn't be a bad choice ;) Thank you!


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Haven’t tried beef intestines in Japan before, but it is very common in Chinese cuisine. We had beef tongue at Sendai before, but ... didn’t really like it. Haha.


ooooo beef tongue is yummy too if it is used for Yakiniku. but my grandma used to make it in soup and its disgusting lol


Hahaha, now I want to try your grandma's soup!


Hahaha I'm not a big fan of beef tongue (Gyu-tan) either ;) Maybe I haven't found a good restaurant... Hmmm

ooooo i like pig instestines especially in Korea and Hong Kong but not sure if i like beef haha.


@travelgirl! I prefer to eat pigs intestines​ acutally :) We have really good dish in Korea :D

This restaurant looks very cool too! Great food! It looks so yuummy! ;D


I'm sure you can find similar restaurant in Bangkok Maya :D
Bangkok has everything!!

How good if i know you earlier!
Just back from japan, do not know much about the food in japan...


Awww I know!! Hope you can visit Japan again! :D


Ya! I will study and go japan again. Because I have lovely Obachan there!