Prepaing to Make Cashew Milk

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I love making my own nut and seed milks. The cost is so much less than store bought and without all the nasty ingredients. Plus, you can usually make a cup of nut flour (per quart of nut milk made) from the pulp for using in breads. I have found the almond flour made from the pulp makes a wonderful addition to my yeast bread. It turns out so soft and wonderful!

It has been years since I have made cashew milk so I am excited to start this one as I remember it being the richest in flavor and texture of all the ones I have made. The only draw back to cashew milk is it leaves very little pulp for using in baking, but that is also why it makes the richest of the nut and seed milks.

These organic, raw cashews just arrived so I am getting the nuts soaking to make a quart of milk tomorrow.


Though I do plan on writing a new blog and doing a new video on making the cashew milk, you can also find my latest how to on making coconut milk right here:

Since making that video, I had a duh moment when I was reminded by one of my followers that a great way to thicken up the milks is using a good, grass fed beef gelatin so I will be trying that next time with the coconut but will leave it out of the cashew as I am pretty sure it will be thick enough as is.

Here is a photo of the hemp seed milk I made this last summer, not my favorite but still quite good:
Hemp Milk.JPG

Well, back to my skirt making and chores and be watching for my instructional post on making cashew and other nut milks for your self( and WHY you should make your own) in the near future. Thank you for your time! ~Heidi


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I have coconut trees growing in my garden, so I can use my own fresh coconut to make milk. How can I do this? The same method?

Check the video link I put in this post, I show how to make coconut milk in that one :)

After I walked away, I realized what your question was, sorry! I am thinking with fresh coconut, you would not need to soak it, just add water and process.


Wow so good to be an enterprenueral atleast u made it your self all through. It is cool anyways!

Love it sis. Thanks for sharing. God Bless

Thanks for all you post. I made almond milk yesterday for the first time, this morning the pancake using almond flour. Best pancakes ever!

Nut milk is the best, keep spreading the word of vegan milk!

Your post is so great! I have try to follow your instructions to do it and it's work! Thanks a lot! I upvote and followed you, please check out my post see if you like it.