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RE: Grandpa Gotta Cook—Homemade Grilled Individual Pizzas

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Hahaha… you had me giggling throughout @glenalbrethsen. I’m glad you trial and error-ed yourself to figure out flour was going to be your best friend. The bit about your youngest son always having the same food request was pretty funny too. Haha

I think for your first go at it you nailed pizza night. You took us on a great cooking journey, hiccups and all. Good triple F entry my friend! It’s definitely a bit more difficult to attain these artisan cuisines without all of the proper utensils but you killed it. Bravo you cookin up a storm grandpa you.


Well, I appreciate all of that. I like to keep the warts in if there's warts to tell about. If anything, people will learn what not to do. And so much of what I end up doing is problem solving on the fly that I probably need to share that, too. Next go around will be better. We like pizza too much not to try again. :)

Sad thing is, I think I knew I needed the flour about the second pizza, but just ignored the thought. Silly me. :) Other sad thing is, none of what I read even mentioned it, so I'm not sure what happened there.

The warts is what makes you relatable and interesting. I’m glad you share your hiccups with us. We love pizza in my house too so I learned that flour trick pretty quick myself. Maybe we should broadcast a public service announcement that warns those about the pizza flour debacle… it’s a thought 🤔

Hey, and congratulations on hitting a curie trail @glenalbrethsen. It’s about time you are rewarded for your Kung fu in the kitchen sir- you deserve it 👏. Looking forward to what you conjure up next week :).

Well, thank you. Hopefully they're going to be watching the fff tag, because there's more than just the couple of us who have gotten them so far that should be considered. It's probably less for the kung fu than it is for the drama. :)

I think it’s all of our Kung fu food fighting. Haha… really though, everyone puts out some great stuff on triple F day. It’s a lot of fun. Great job again @glenalbrethsen. Now enjoy the rest of your weekend riding the curie trail. :)