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While I live near the ocean, here in Cape Town, fish is not cheap. It's definitely a bit of a treat. There's a wonderful fishery slash eatery in the road I live in, and I love to pop in every few weeks. I don't technically get a lunch hour at my job, but sometimes I just can't bear the thought of another quinoa and kale salad at my desk, where I will probably be interrupted 32 times, and I will have to warm up my camomile four times. Not fun!

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I love Ocean Jewels' story. The owner, Julie, grew up as a fisherman's daughter. A few years back she started selling her fresh catches at the Biscuit Mill (which is one of the original farmers's/organic market) and made a name for herself there. When the hipster as fuck Woodstock Exchange (a great curated collection of shops and restaurants) opened, she took a spot there, and my heart sang forever!


The interior is super slick with forest green walls, hand drawn posters of various fish, and PLANTS, loads of plants - so obviously I LOVE.




I love how you can go and get a really fantastic piece of fish and have a posh lunch if you're wanting to splurge a little, or if you're watching your wallet, some fish cakes and salad will do too. Something for everyone.

The dishes all have great Asian influences, like coriander, soy sauce and lime. The salad is an Asian slaw with a nice soy dressing and fantastically fresh veggies.

I ordered the seared tuna with salad and baby potatoes, and it was gooood. Very good. The tuna was soft, buttery and fresh, seared in a bit of soy sauce. They serve a herbed aioli that is just delicious, and I squirted that stuff all over my taters. Definitely not quinoa salad here.



The atmosphere is lovely. A buzzing, busy environment within a well run shop. The ingredients are always fresh, and the shop is wonderfully clean. I love that you can buy fresh fish fillets to cook at home if you like.

It's close enough to be a quick break when needed, and I absolutely love going there. Five stars!

Do you like fish too? What do you think of the images?


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Looks total YUMTIOUS! It's important to get away from the hustle and bustle to regroup for a work lunch sometimes....bring you back fresh and ready go. Nice!


Hehe or in my case ready for an afternoon nap x

The restaurant looks super clean. An important feature for me. That seared Tuna looks to die for. I must say, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get an invite.


Hehe, sure hop on a plane, I’ll keep your seat warm x

I love the decor and that food looks so good


It was! I loved the green wall too x

Food looks great! Enjoy yourself. I like fish very much, and if I ever go to Cape Town I will sure to visit this restaurant. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us.


Awesome! Thank you. Are you “Ozstralian”?


Lol, I am from Mexico


I just read your intro post. Welcome x

Looks luscious. We are far enough from the ocean that I don't exactly trust the local seafood, and I miss it something awful.

I'm wondering if the aioli would improve quinoa? Maybe soak it for a day?

Thanks for a wonderful review. Looks like my kind of place. One with good food :)


Hehe, like when we visit Morks family... definitely no going near the fish!

My quinoa is actually super tasty, but not anything speacial like this tuna! X

@princessmewmew I hope you are feeling well now. I like the pictures, food looks fresh and cleaned, the ambient is peaceful and invite you to come back


Yes, I am feeling okay now. Thank you so much for asking x

Thanks for always popping in x


princessmewmew Thanks you are great, i did not wait for a vote, be patient and enjoy life


good comments deserve upvotes xx


@princessmewmew thanks I am new in steemit and trying to learn very quick otherwise I will be left behind. I know how to write in english but end up writing in spanish, that may be is stopping my progress, I am honest when I say I admire you because I read your posts and they are perfect

Mewmew you would love my country. Our cuisine is something special, I'm sure you would lick your fingers afterwards :)) thanks for sharing and making me hungry haha


Make some posts about it! I’m so curious about others cultures xx

Wow, looks like a super nice place. And so scrumptious looking. Thanks for sharing @princessmewmew


thanks so much @robertandrew. The food was really tasty xx

The food looks very tasty and fresh, the place was arranged very neat and clean. I think everyone likes traveling there.
And I'm a big fan of tuna.


Oh, yes, me too! Tuna is my favourite fish 🐠

I really like your friend post, thank you


Thank you very much!

a beautiful dining venue, with a remarkable design


Thank you. It is very pretty indeed

Pretty well decorated, soft colors, refreshing atmosphere gives fresh feeling, so naturally the taste of food bound to be good.


You’re right! Thanks guy xx

Restaurent ane foods are beautiful, My mouth is full with after saying this food. I cannot eat like this food, but I hope It is very delicious.


Why can’t you eat this food?

Cool looking restaurant and the food looks delicious. Hopefully it's not empty all the time. The more visitors - the better for the restaurant!


Absolutely! I went a bit early as it gets packed at lunch time.

This looks amazing, the food is very luxurious, this is the best restaurant that many people are interested in visiting

Seriously? How could you even ask! They all look yummy delicious! I could dive right through this screen and eat it all up!

Your images are screaming awesome! They actually show how fresh and wonderful everything is.

Thank you for sharing your lunch with us! It looks like a delightful place! As an aside, over here in the States, the closer to the water you are, the cheaper the seafood is.

Except in the upscale places. :)

I am a foodie myself @princessmewmew. WoW. That place looks to have amazing food. Thank you for always sharing such fabulous post about wonderful places to eat and recipes for all. Always be blessed.

Nice recipe. Am salivating already.