Scented Food for thought?

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I now believe that Yankee Candle intentionally upped their game to solicit my business by coming up with two candles that literally speak to my stomach err I mean my nose.  

Schnitzel with Noodles & Crisp Apple Strudel.  I believe they had me in mind when they created these scents.  (The noodles are meant to be called spaetzle.  Spätzle are a kind of soft egg noodle found in and around central and Eastern Europe.)

What will they come up with next?

Look at this a heart shaped schnitzel!  Awww 🖤

These just so happen to be some of my favorite comfort foods!  If it was up to me I'd have schnitzel and cabbage rolls every day of the week if I could.  🙂

What is your favorite foods?  If there was to be a candle scent to come out of your favorite food would you buy it?  

I wonder how long it will be before they come out with hummus flavored ice cream? 🍨🍦

If you are wondering what schnitzel, Spatzle and strudel are then you are in luck!  I have provided brief explanation and links to their wikipedia page.  Enjoy reading!  

Schnitzel - tends to be a meat (chicken usually) that is pounded out flat then is coated with a mixture of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs
that is lightly fried.

Spatzle -  is a soft egg noodle often mixed with butter and various types of cheeses.

Strudel -  tends to be a layered flakey pastry that is often filled with a fruit filling.  In my opinion apple if the most popular and my favorite.  It's usually served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.  

Last but not least Yankee Candle is an American Candle company that sells scented candles that can mimic the scents of anything from flowers, fruit, candies, food and pretty much anything else you can think of.  If it can be thought of then I am pretty sure they can create the scent.  

Thanks for your support! Please feel free to comment, vote, resteem and or create your very own post on the subject matter or whatever you wish. If you create a post feel free to link it when you leave a comment. I value each and every vote, comment and resteems that I get.

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Makanan yang enak dan nikmat pasti enak itu
Jangan lupa masak lebih buat saya
Oke dear @ozhiya
I Upvote and resteem

delicious, yummy i too am a big fan of Yankee Candles company, they really make delicious food, The Schnitzel with Noodles is very tasty when you consume it...

I agree that schnitzel with noodles is very tasty when you consume it as well as smells really great!

The schnitzel really looks heart shaped, well I think its a coincidence or someone is really talented, well the only person who knows it, is you, When I first read Yankee Candles, the candles used to light homes, but when I further read the vlog I got to know they are some kind of flavouring substances, I my self am a food lover, keep sharing such posts, thankyou

@mumin007, actually the meat happened to turn out heart-shaped on it's on. I noticed it when I was frying it and took pictures of it. I think it was coincidence but still its cool nonetheless. :)
Yankee Candle is a candle company that sells candles that you light the home with, but also they give off scents. They have scents that range from flowers, fruit, food and anything you can think of and I always stopped to smell them. I guess companies will do anything​ to sell stuff. I am glad you like my post, ​and I will keep posting!

Wow, the food is very good to enjoy, I really like to see photography @ozhiya.

very wonderful friends, and it looks good.

wow, it must taste very good, want to taste I enjoy it.

@fauzanhaikal, I am not sure if there are any German or Eastern European restaurants around where you live? If so you might have a chance of being able to try it unless you would want to try and make it yourself at home if you had the recipes?

At first I thought of a candle that used at the altar... and later I realized its food... it looks yummy! ♡

@georgie84, in a way you are correct that it is sort of like a candle that is used at an​ altar but it's also food scented. ​

Thank you for I have learned something new! ♡

This food is unique to me dear

@bilal9808, I am sure there is food you like that would be unique to me as well. Perhaps do a post on one of your favourite dishes?

Ohhh... Yess.. this is a good idea dear. I will definitely do this😀

This.. I want to eat this.. I'd drink a Amber Ale with it.

@beercraft, sounds like an​ excellent choice of beer! I am a beer fan myself!

To be honest, if there's meat in something it is my favorite..
I'm a hopeless foodie..

I ​agree @rjunaid12 that is there is meat in something that it's automatically a favourite​!

food is very tasty, see this food in your post I really want to taste it. while enjoying a very good meal my good friend

@aamaksal, I wish I had some way to get the food to you to try. I do think you'd ​like it!

yes thanks a lot, I wait ya friend. hehee ... i want to be your best friend, may or may not be a friend? and if I may, I want to be friends with WhatsApp with you, give me a way to keep me close to you

food like this may be the aroma can not be restrained.
and make the stomach immediately hungry.
thaks @ozhiya, you have shared a delicious meal like this.

if the food is our favorite, we will certainly try with anything to get it,
there are no obstacles to stop when there is a will of its own,
this is a very good question and post.
thanks @ozhiya for sharing

It was so delicious thank you for sharing @ozhiya

Thanks for liking and commenting on my post, @fikar22. I agree that it's delicious foods and scents!

Yes, thank you

I've never seen anything like that before dear

I am thrilled to learn that I have introduced you to something new, @jamil786. I love learning new things and teaching others new things!

I know that amusing feeling dear 👍

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