First Steemit Food Truck Tour, a tour through my first successful Business!

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Hi Steemians! As I have told before, I own a Food Truck here in Mexico, well actually me and my girlfriend, and to be precise, it is located in Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico. Today I am here to share the story of my Food Truck with you and to give you a tour of it, I hope you enjoy it! I also hope you visit us sometime.

Some background...
I am a computer engineer at Oracle MDC (Mexico Development Center) and a couple of years ago I decided to start my first Business, and after some thoughts and some ideas going to the trashcan I went with Kebabs and Arab Tacos Food Truck! Yes my Food Truck sells Kebabs and Arab Tacos and you may be asking why that? Well it's easy, I loved kebabs through my trips to Europe and I love Arab Tacos! By the way you probably don't know what do I mean with Arab Tacos but you'll know it soon enough!

Arab Tacos Origin
Like I said before, I decided to start a Kebabs and Arab Tacos Food Truck and you probably all know what a Kebab is but Arab Tacos is a whole other story. This is a type of taco that was actually invented here in Mexico, yeah! I know! you are probably wondering why are they Arab if they were invented in Mexico!? Well the answer is simple, they were invented by Arab People that came to Mexico years and years ago, they were invented in a city called Puebla and they are actually the mexican transformation of a Kebab, meat is cooked in a vertical skewer but instead of using veal or lamb they used pork, why pork? simply because it was cheaper and because it was much more popular in Mexico than veal or lamb; they kept the pita bread and got rid of the vegetebales and there you go, a mexican "arab" taco was created. With time more variations of this original taco were created, adding cheese to it would make it an Arab Quesadilla, using tortilla instead of Pita bread would make it an Oriental Taco (please don't ask me why) and so on!

Well, enough history! Lets start with the tour!

The Name
My Food Truck is called Kabeer Kebabs, "Kabeer" is supposed to mean "Big" in arabic, I really don't know how exactly arab signs are transformed into our alfabet but I assume it is done fonetically. If this means something else please for the love of God, let me know!

And here it is, Kabeer Kebabs Food Truck, I really love how it looks like from the outside, the wood gives it a really nice touch, it has a TV to display pictures of our dishes and a nice little hand wash for the clients. What do you think about it? is it missing somthing?

Ordering Window
This is where people orders their food and where the cashier enters the order. She is Karina, my girlfriend, life companion and of course business partner. The POS system was actually developed by me, hehe, I am a software engineer remember? I know it lacks some design but it works as a charm! (no brag intended)

ca ca2

And of course we accept Bitcoin and have been accepting for a while now, actually we were the first food business in Guadalajara to accept Bitcoin! Unfortunatly only a hand full of people had actually paid with BTC, but I'll tell you some other time about some of the things I am doing here in Mexico to change that (I mean to make the Bitcoin economy in Mexico grow).

Aaaaand .... finally, this is where the magic happens! The griddle! YES! This is where the Chef (certainly not me, I am just there for the picture) cooks all our delicious food!

Our Delicious Dressings
Cause the key of the kebabs are the dressings and in Mexico there is no food without "Salsa". From left to right, Tzatziki, Sesame seed, Chickpea and Chipotle Sauce

Our Famous Dessert
Deep Fried Bananas covered with caramel! YUUM!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this tour through my Food Truck, if you ever come to Guadalajara please visit us and you'll get a discount for being a fellow Steemer!

Follow me if you don't want to miss my future posts on this subject:

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  • How to run a successful Food Truck

Bye for now.

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Good for you! Writing Steemit with the sauce was a nice touch. In order for you to expand on your ability to accept crypto currencies please have a look at the blog by @Kencode. UPVOTED and followed!


Hi @kus-knee, we accept a lot of cryptos, but the sign is only there for bitcoin, it really doesn't make much sense to put signs fot lots of cryptos cause almost no one knows about them, but the personnel is trained to accept a lot of cryptos as payment.

Oh Man, I'm hungry now after reading your post!!!


Hi @mstang83 ! Good to hear my pictures do make people hungry, I hope you visit sometime! What was it what you liked the most?


I'm pretty sure this picture was to blame! I'm a big fan of pork tacos. Now I have to find and try out these Arab Tacos.

Amazing story - it reminds of that film "Chef" where the guy buys a food truck and makes it into a social media sensation. You'll do well here I'm sure!

Watch the trailer here if you haven't seen it before.

One question: will you accept Steem and Steem Dollars for your food soon? Once you do, you could do a post like this restaurant:

You'd probably get at least a few hundred dollars for posting that. Well, and maybe another customer or two (if I ever end up in Mexico I'll come and visit)

It can be done with BitPay (possibly) or

Anyway I look forward to seeing more of you and your experiences! Good work!


Hi @alexc, I love that movie! That made the Food Trucks mainstream. And of course I will accept Steem soon, I'll post about that soon ;)

so i got a truck selling arab food in berlin, its called kairo koshary. i also accept bitcoin and eth, i think im the only one in town doing that... of course because the gov dont mess around here, so i accept "donations". do you have to worry about the regulations on btc in Mex?

y quiero comer su comida cabron! its genius!!! buena suerta!!!

  • muhammad