Khuc Bach sweet gruel (Vietnamese milk jelly dessert recipe) - a combination of excellent Eurasian cuisine

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This morning I got the good news that I was one of 2 contest winners organized by @steemkitchen and won up to 100SP. My main dish is Grilled chicken breast Salad, you can see the details of this contest here!
To me, this is a great encouragement, which gives me more motivation to continue my chosen path.
As you all know, every 5p video I upload is behind a whole day of preparation: ideas, ingredient, and presentation. Then, we have to turn back so many times to get the nice angle. Next the behind the scenes, my husband is a video editor ... To make a cooking video is really a lot of energy, but when receiving positive feedback, my husband and I feel very happy!
Thank you for your support!

Today, I introduce the Khuc Bach sweet gruel, a combination of two cuisines that seem to be completely different Asian cuisine and European cuisine. In my country, there are hundreds of different types of sweet gruel, each with a distinct flavor, but the Khuc Bach sweet gruel has only appeared for about five years. This Khuc Bach sweet gruel I knew quite late, only about 2 years ago and I really loved it.

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Khuc Bach sweet gruel is a combination of Italian Panna Cotta with sweet sugar syrup and sweet taste of tropical fruit: longan or lychees. I can not explain why Panna Cotta's milk fat can blend with sugar syrup and the sweetness of fruit so great!
Let's get started!
Quantity: 2 bowls as shown
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Standby time: 4 hours minimum



150 ml fresh milk with sugar at room temperature
150 ml whipping cream at room temperature
12 g Gelatin powder or leaves/ sheets
15 ml Thanh Mai syrup (You can see how to do it here) or some drops of red food color and strawberry flavor or any kind of syrup you like


1-liter water
5 fresh or frozen pandan leaves (optional)
120 g rock sugar (can be substituted by caster sugar)


100gr fresh longan or lychees (strawberries, mangos, canned peach also go well in this recipe)
15 g Chia seeds (optional)
40 g sliced almonds

pandan leaves, rock sugar, longan, lychees, are available in many Asian groceries


1. Mikl Jelly - Panna Cotta (should be done before 4 hours minimum)

  • Soaked gelatin in 150ml of milk for a minimum of 10 minutes until gelatin is soft.
  • Boil a little water in the pot, when boiling water, fire to the smallest level. Place the gelatin bowl in the pot, stirring constantly. The heat from the water will help to dissolve the gelatin slowly. Stir until gelatin is completely dissolved in milk, leaving no residue in the bowl. Note the bottom of the bowl, avoid the gelatin stuck at the bottom of the bowl.

ảnh 3.jpg

  • Pour the gelatin mixture into 150ml whipping cream, stirring to form a homogeneous mixture and divide the mixture into 2 parts into 2 different molds.
  • For pink jelly, pour 10ml of Thanh Mai Syrup into the mold and dissolve until the mixture turns pink
  • Put 2 jelly dough molds into the refrigerator.

ảnh 6.jpg

General note for Milk Jelly:

  • The jelly should be placed in the cooler of the refrigerator for at least 3 - 4 hours until frozen. The cold longer, the more flexible and firm. However, do not leave the jelly in the refrigerator for more than 4 days.

  • Generally, enough gelatin to coagulate 300 ml of liquid (as in the formula) is 10 grams. However, using 12 grams as the recipe will give the milk jelly a little plasticity and toughness. If you like soft jelly, you can reduce the amount of gelatin to 10 gr. If you want to harden, you can increase it. The more gelatin, the more flexible the jelly. However, if used too much, especially gelatin powder, jelly can have a nasty smell from Gelatin.

  • Steamed gelatin milk mixture as in the formula has the advantage that milk does not boil and lose substance. Fresh cream can be "eaten raw", should not be boiled, because it is easy to make fat soluble in water. When frozen, there may be scabs on the face or the jelly is split into two layers, water, and fat.

ảnh 5.jpg

  • You can use different food colors or flavors to make different types of jellies, such as thick coffee or cocoa powder to make dark jelly milk, pineapple leaf extracts (sticky leaves ) to make blue ...

If your jelly is not frozen, it may be due to one of the following:

  • Gelatin quality is not good
  • Failure of the process. Note that gelatin always needs to be soaked in cool water and then heat to melt. Do not put the gelatin in hot water from the beginning.
    -Do not stir so that the gelatin does not dissolve or stick to the wall or bottom of the bowl.

ảnh 2.jpg

2. Prepare other ingredients:

  • Rinse pandan leaves, tie the knot for neat. Add 1 liter of water and pandan leaves to the pot. Boil and stir gently to let the sugar dissolve. Remove from the kitchen, let cool and then put this water in the refrigerator, keep it cold until used. Adding the pandan leaves from the beginning so that the smell of pandan leaves will be more fragrant but the water will have some green color to fade from the leaves. If you want white sugar syrup then you can add pandan leaves into the pot in the boiling water and melted sugar.

ảnh 7.jpg

  • Stir in almonds in a fire pan until medium almonds, yellow fragrant. Relax your hands while roasting, to avoid breaking almonds. Let the bowl, let cool.

  • Peel the lychees fruit. Can change the longan or lychees or other fruits such as strawberry, mulberry, peach, plum, mango, jackfruit ... If using longan or lychees box should retain water soaked longan or lychees in the box to add sugar to panda leaves, will make water more delicious.

  • Remove the milk jelly from the mold: Use a knife around the mold and remove the mold from the mold. Or can dip mold into hot water for about 10 seconds, the jelly will peel off the mold. Cut into pieces to eat. Can use a knife blade to cut more beautiful jelly pieces. Dipping knives into the water before cutting will help cut the jelly easily and cut the sharp, nicer.

ảnh 9.jpg

3. Enjoy:

  • Put the bowl, lychees and milk jelly into the bowl. Add Sugar Syrup, sprinkle almonds and chia seeds. Use cold will taste better

Please watch my video:

4. Substitute INGREDIENTS

  • What is "whipping cream"? One of the main factors contributing to this delicious sweet gruel is the softness and fatness of the jelly. This flavor requires a high-fat content such as whipping cream. Therefore, do not replace the topping cream because topping cream does not taste delicious, fatty like fresh cream.

ảnh 11.jpg

  • If you do not have whipping cream, I think you can mix condensed milk with fresh milk. Specific rates of condensed milk: You can mix with an arbitrary amount, as long as the final milk amount is equal to 300 ml of total cream and fresh milk in the formula. After blending, use one portion of this gelatin to soak the next, as in the recipe. This jelly will be less fat than jelly with whipping cream but still delicious.
    If there is milk powder, use a little more to increase fat and aromatic for jelly (in case there is no whipping cream)

  • What is "Gelatin"? Agar can also be frozen as a gelatin. However, agar has a crunchy taste and gelatin soft and melts in the mouth. These two styles are very different and with this recipe, I think if you replace Gelatin with Agar, it will lose a lot of flavors (unless you like to eat crispy jelly than soft jelly).
    Wish you have delicious Khuc Bach sweet gruel as well!

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"Bếp Thị Xu (it means Thị Xu kitchen in English) is the name of my dog. My blog is where I share my recipes and thoughts in life. This blog is entirely in Vietnamese and was made before I knew Steemit. You can see my previous recipes on this blog!

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This looks really good! I bet it tastes good as well. Nice to meet you as well. Best of luck... You're doing a great job!

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As soon as I finished, I gave it to my neighbors and she complimented me better than the restaurant! Thank you very much!

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